30 days without eating or drinking anything, but water …

I fasted for 30 days from November 5th to December 5th.

For 30 days, I did not eat or drink anything other than water (no juice or special drinks)  —  only water.

Over the past year, I fasted 2 other times … 20 days and 22 days.

I have read a lot about fasting, and I like to fast.

It is indescribable how great I feel when I fast.

Seriously, each time I have fasted, I have so much energy and feel great.  I get insomnia because I have so much energy at night … its truly remarkable how good one feels on a fast.

The process is fairly simple.

When I fast – the first day is not a problem, but the 2nd and 3rd day is the challenge, but from the 4th day onwards it is easy.

After a week, you feel so good, and have so much energy that not eating is no problem at all.  I can go to restaurants with my friends or family and sit with them and watch them eat without any difficulty.

People often comment  about how hard it must be to fast for a month … but in fact, fasting is very very easy, and when you fast you feel so good … you feel great and you don’t want to eat.

There are many negative misconceptions and myths about fasting … and all of them are surely said/spread by people who have never fasted or know anything about it.

Anyone who has not read about fasting and knows nothing about fasting … the reaction is often, “its not good for you.” 

But in fact “fasting” is great for our health.

For the reader who is interested in trying, I think you must read about fasting before you try it.

I do not suggest anyone who has never read about fasting, and knows nothing about it to try and fast because you will fail.
But make no mistake … in all honesty, fasting is very easy.

Again, I didn’t fast to lose weight, but in the 30 days, I lost 14 kg (31 lbs) and at the end of the fast my body fat was 7.6% and I weighed about 79 kg (173 lbs)  I am 45 years old, 6′ 4″ and have not been this lean and fit since I was 14?

The first 20 day fast I did earlier this year, during the 20 days, I ran 6 days a week at least 60 minutes a day and on the weekend up to 3 hours … all while I fasted.  Yes, I know … it is not recommended to exercise while fasting, but I felt great .. and I ran the fastest 30 kms of my life on day 20 of that fast.

The only reason I share this blog about my fasting is because maybe a reader or two out there might be interested to try … and it’s a cool experience to go an entire month without eating or drinking anything, but water.

It helps me focus.

I recommend the book “The Science of Fasting and Sunbathing (The Hygienic System)” by Herbert Shelton.  I have read this book at least 5 times.


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  1. Farook Saleh

    Hi Scott,

    its really a big achievement what you did but I google-ed some about long period fasting from different resources and most of the articles did not recommend, they all agreed its a risk for heart failure!! what do you think ?


    • It *can* cause heart failure, but only if you take it to a huge extreme. Basically when you run out of fat your body starts “cannibalizing” your organs, so if you fast for too long you can end up with permanent organ damage. Basically this would only happen if you were already underweight or if you fast with 0 food intake for so long that your body completely runs out of fat to use. I know this is a really old post/comment but just in case people are considering fasting like this and come across this blog like I did, just so you know, it’s okay if you’re a normal body weight, but if you’re some skinny teenage girl or something and you try fasting for 30 days you do have a real risk of permanent organ damage.

      • Jay Harris

        Sorry Brandon! I fasted on Water only for 31 days. When I started I weighed 152 lbs. At the end I weighed 123. I biked 25 miles per day for work and school. After 2 weeks I had more energy, my grades went up, and I only needed 6 days of sleep. I did do an enema every night. That was 35 yrs ago and my heart, organs are all perfect. One needs to be careful; but not as dangerous as you say.

      • DanielAtha

        The main reason I am fasting is spiritual. Drawing closer to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ ridding my self me, the worldliness.

        I am on my second long fast the first fasting was in 1998 for 21 days to lose weight. When done I felt great.

        Now I am 69yrs old and am on my 15th of the year fast. I will post my daily notes when done.

        I am drinking a large container of aloe juice aith container full of ice. 4 times a day plus several bottles of water. 1 cup of low salted bullion.

        I also have high blood pressure and am free of it and hope to maintain it with God help control.

        I will post some on facebook when done.

    • I’ve completely reversed my Type 2 diabetes and lost over 200lbs using fasting and a low carb diet (KETO). My longest fasting time has been 3 months consecutively drinking only water with a a pinch of pink-salt in the water for electrolytes. I advised my doctor and had blood work done all along it and had 0 issues. I reintroduced food slowly after the 3 month fast so as to prevent reseeding syndrome although I think the risk is almost non-existent for those with excessive body fat like I had. Honestly fasting and the KETO diet when I do eat changed my life and I would never stop doing it. Now I just do one meal a day and then throw in a 3 day fast every couple of months for the Autophagy benefits.

      • Hi Scott. I am on day 6 of my fast & am aiming for 30 days. I’ve been doing IF & keto for about a year. And previously have done 7 day fasts. My question is, do you think pink salt & water is sufficient for longer fasts? Some people advise taking electrolyte power, trace minerals & vitamins. What’s your thought? Thanks

        • i do not take any salts, suppliments or vitamins when i fast. Only water and or if i am dry fasting, nothing.

        • I would recommend that you strictly use mineral water when water fasting. Once you add salt or use vinegar etc, you’ll be cheating your body rather than allowing it to go deeper into the stored fats in search of energy

          • i agree with you 100%. adding crap like this means that its not really a water fast anyway…i am so strict that when i fast, i will not drink water with even a lemon slice in it. too many people are trying to “water fast” … but at the same time, adding fruit slices, or salt, or vitamins … or juice, etc. if you are going to “water fast” … i highly suggest one sticks to water.

      • Can u elaborate on how you reintroduced food I have been fasting for 1 month now and I don’t know how exactly I should reintroduce food

        • I am not the best at breaking fasts … but the best is to eat melon and or soup.

  2. thanks for your comment. i DO NOT claim to be an expert, however, i have read a lot on this subject, and do not agree that fasting can cause heart failure … if anything, fasting has major health benefits because it allows your organs to rest from all the work it does to digest food.

    after the first 3-4 days it is very easy, and you feel so good; and you have a lot of energy. But i do not suggest anyone fasts or tries to fast if they have not read about it.

    the book i suggested at the bottom of the blog goes into very detailed information on fasting and for anyone looking to learn and try fasting it is a must read.

    when you fast you have no hunger at all, but what the book i recommended points out is that when it is time for you to end your fast, meaning you have burned all your stored reserves, your hunger returns. i sort of experienced this after 30 days, but i think i could have easily gone 10 more days or so. i am training for ironman race now, so i probably will not fast again for 6-9 months, but next time i wwill do it for 40 days.

    my main interest in fasting is it helps me focus, and each time i fast, i have a lot of energy, and i feel so consistently good throughout the day when i fast …. even now, i am not fasting, but i miss that feeling and energy i had during it.

    • If you are already low body fat, do you think you can go forty days? seems you need enough fat stores. Thanks for mentioning all the exercise, I bought the lies on the first fast about resting and being “careful”. BULLSHIT. This IS NORMAL lol. Man did they LIE TO US! Please check out steemit.com, you would do really well there, very inspiring writing. thanks

      • I’m obese so water fasting is perfect for me I did it for 4 days once and felt great the first 2 days were hard. I agree when an skinny person think there fat it make us real fat people upset I would understand if it like 3 days but 3 months that ridiculous

        • I think fasting for a long period of time like 30 days is for only overweight people like myself so the body consumes all the fat I’m at my 6 day I lost 15 lbs and I run 2 miles a day now I’m starting to exercise as well my goals is 50 lbs and with water only no juice I feel great with more energy

          • stay positive and focused. how long of a fast are you doing? fasting and prayer is magical.

    • I wish I didn’t have hunger pains while fasting. My first 14 day fast I was hungry every day. One day my stomach was growling so loud, my coworker asked me if I had eaten. I’m on day 6 of my second 14 day fast and my stomach continues to bubble. I have not had the energy you have had, I’m tired most of the time. I wish I had your reaction. I fast in hopes to heal my gastrointestinal problems. I’m trying to build up to a 21 day and eventually a 30 day fast. I saw health benefits in my first fast and I believe it’s very powerful, I just wish it wasn’t so difficult. I don’t have a mental craving for food, just physical.

      • Hi Sophie, I read your comment and I have to agree with Scott. I am a diabetic and I planned a 21 day fast. I had my glucometer and organic chocolate truffles with me at all times. I checked my sugar about 7 – 8 times a day.

        On my first attempt my sugar dropped to under 50mg/dL at day 14. I aborted the fast and enjoyed my truffles.

        But being as determined as I was, I did it again. My sugars dropped again but only as low as 60mg/dL and then raised up to the 70’s which allowed me to complete my 21 day fast.

        Like Scott mentioned, I only felt hungry on day 3 both times fasting. After that it was easy. I too went with friends and family and watched them eat with no problem.

        My sugars were excellent and my A1C dropped from a 8.0 to a 5.0. Non diabetic level. I also went from 225lbs to 169lbs.

        I got so excited that I thought that I’d test myself on the other end. I started eating fruits, lots of them. I have many fruit trees and I ate all my blackberries, all my figs and then started eating peaches along with my regular organic diet. But in larger than normal doses.

        My sugars are elevated again and I’m up to 200lbs now. I need to fast again but this time in smaller increments. The first time my face wrinkled all up. Now it’s better but I want to try it slower this next time.

        Good luck to you and anyone else attempting to fast. Take care and God bless you all.

        • Hi Sophie,
          The reason people feel so good on a fast (or part of) is the switch over to ketones which is a fantastic source of ATP (energy for the cells). Some studies (and I don’t have links at the moment) found that some already athletic smaller body sizes women struggled to produce enough ketones during fasting and even during a ketogenic diet. This leads to symptoms similar to what you describe.

          • Im 5’2″ and 100 lb 41y/o female. Been fasting for year s and each time i have intense energy and run my fastest miles. Currently on day 6 water fast and have been working out, running and continue my strenuous job each day.

      • Sophie – those are not hunger pangs. Your body is healing your digestive system. I did a 5 day fast and wondered why my left knee hurt. The lady at the fasting retreat asked if I had issues with that knee and I did. She then said “good, that means it’s healing!” Sure enough, after that fast those issues disappeared

      • You are not having the same experience as the writer of this article because you obviously do not have the fat stores he has. Also, if you are the opposite sex your fasting will be very different. If your body is reacting this way and you have gastrointestinal issues, I would recommend having a colonoscopy to check for polyps. Ignoring them could result in death. I also recommend you try intermittently fasting not a long term fasting. In between stick to pure foods like wild caught sockeye salmon never farmed, fresh organic berries such as blueberries eight of them three times a day, blackberries and raspberries four or five each three times a day, fresh asparagus once a day, avacodi, lemon juice, fresh garlic, organic kale, one to two farm raised chicken eggs, and lentil soups from organic lentils. Try that for thirty days only eating when your stomach is growling super hungry then eat until comfortably almost full but not completely full. Drink distilled water ten to twelve cups a day and add vitamin D daily AND B12 shots once a week your doctor can give them to you. Pay attention to your body don’t just ignore big signs or you could harm yourself greatly or cause your death. Not everyone can fast with just water for 30 days like the writer of this article.

    • Thanks for your Blog Scott. I’ve been reading up on fasting and the benefits are incredible! It gives your heart a break from pumping so hard and your blood pressure lowers…along with the intestines not working so hard. I read that the heart actually has time to heal any damaged tissue since it’s not working so hard during a fast! So, I’d like to say I’m on day “2” of my 30 day fast…water only. I know today will be a struggle, perhaps a hunger headache, but I know I can do this. The hard part will be cooking dinner for my husband! 🙂 But my mind set is great and I look forward to losing some weight! Thanks again for your encouragement!!

    • Andy VonWinge

      I’m on my 5th day of prolonged fast and I feel amazing. The mental clarity is crazy good! This morning I sat down and learned a very difficult guitar number in 30 minutes!!..wow!!

    • I enjoy very this article,and thank you so much for writing it. I also have read your bio, and it is very encouraging. Thank you.

    • Thanks so much for sharing! I am starting a fast soon, and am grateful for the tips you gave.

    • Shaurya Dubey

      I also want to fast for a month.past years I tried fasting by eating little between 3-6 days for 45 days. I am a normal weight always

    • The main reason I am fasting is spiritual. Drawing closer to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ ridding my self me, the worldliness.

      I am on my second long fast the first fasting was in 1998 for 21 days to lose weight. When done I felt great.

      Now I am 69yrs old and am on my 15th of the year fast. I will post my daily notes when done.

      I am drinking a large container of aloe juice aith container full of ice. 4 times a day plus several bottles of water. 1 cup of low salted bullion.

      I also have high blood pressure and am free of it and hope to maintain it with God help control.

      I will post some on facebook when done.

  3. another thing i also suggest is for anyone who fasts … do a water only fast, and not juice fast. juice has sugars and it provides a form of fuel for the body, thus you are not using stored reserves, but instead the sugar from the juice.

    the key, and i think the reason why i feel so much better when i have only water and not juice when i fast (i have tried both fasts) is because when i have only water, my body is forced to burn the fat and glycogen stores.

  4. Hirendrasingh

    Hi Scott,

    Its really inspiring.

    I also did 8 days fasting in past but your story has inspired me to do more frequently.

    Every time I read your blog It inspires me. your Blog inspired me to Run. Last year I did my 1st Half marathon .This year I will do my full marathon.

    Fasting is also I wanted to experiment. now this blog of your inspired me for the same.
    Thanks you.

  5. Richard MA

    Hi Scott,
    I have read your blog for 6 years since Arthur Zhang introduced.
    I have also joined in the half marathon for three years after you read your blog.
    Actually, I really enjoy your blog to inspire me for everything in my life.

    Sincerely thanks!

    • thanks for your comment Richard. sorry for the late reply, but i just saw this comment today

  6. What about a protein fast instead? Wouldn’t you lose muscle on a water fast?

    • i only hve experience doing water fasts. As for losing muscle on a water fast .. this is a big myth. your body will burn the fat stores before it goes to the muscle. so in theory, if one has excess body fat stores, as most people do, the body will not touch the muscle, and will only use the fat.

        • i am not expert – but i am sure you will be fine. water fasting cures.
          i just completed a 40 day water fast and i ran or hiked 90 minutes to 2 hours a day 6 days a week.
          dont over think fasting. good luck

          • Keep on moving buddy! Sending love to you Sophie and your family. Forever grateful, you have no idea.

          • thanks my man … I hope you have gotten into this water fasting. Its magical.
            keep me posted

  7. Scott, do you receive any spiritual side effects? Such as clairvoyant abilities, do you feel more one with the universe?

    • hi, no i have not had any clarivoyant impact or effect … but surely, my fasting helps me reflect and think/appreciate my life and what i have. sorry for my late reply – i didnt see this comment before.

    • That is a side effect , because food and other things around us are constantly lowering our vibrations as spiritual beings, so fasting helps rid your body of toxins and rejuvenate with the peace you give it. So yes you abilities and 3rd eye will be enhanced.

      • To answers Gigi’s question back in 2017 … Since I did that 30 day fast 3+ years ago, i wish to add further comment:

        Over the past few years, I hve done many fasts … including several 30 and 3 x 40 days .. I even did a 10 day dry fast.
        I am Christian and for me (without question) I see and hear things clearer the more and more I am fasting. I regret I didn’t get into fasting years ago.

        Not just because fasting is so healthy and I feel great as a result of my frequent fasting … but because i feel much closer to God because of my fasting.

        I highly/enthusiastically/strongly recommend fasting to everyone, esp. my Christian friends and readers.

    • Before your daughter fasts, you and she must read about water fasting. I am certain in the health benefits of fasting, no matter the age of the person, but the person who is fasting needs to understand all about it so she understands. In fact, its not difficult at all to fast. maybe the first few days are a challenge, but after 5 days you have zero hunger … but your daughter will have to understand what water fasting is about, why and what are the benefits, etc. good luck and keep me posted if she tries it (make sure you read the book i recommeneded in that blog)

  8. Dear Scott,
    I really want to water fast for around 20/30 days.
    But what do you recommend to drink on days like that. like how much and when or is it like a feeling. when you feel hungry you just drink. I hope you can help me because i really want to clean my body and just finally feel good about myself. (im 18 and around 100kg).

    • if you are going to do a water fast, of course, you only drink water. you might feel hungry or lethargic for the first couple of days, but after 4-5 days your hunger goes away completely and from my experience, you will feel lots of energy. You will know its time to end your fast when your hunger returns. After the first 4 days, it is very easy to do a water fast …

  9. Adrian Fredeluces

    hi im a 15 years old boy and im 5’5 atleast, i want to try this water fast because i wanted to lose weight my current weight is 70kg (154lbs) is it good for me to try this fasting?

    • i am NO diet expert so my input is only from experience — although i am a very big fan of water fasting and believe in it very much, i dont suggest you do a water fast just to lose weight …

      Remember — whatever you put in your body will be stored as fat if you do not burn the calories. if you want to lose weight, get yourself into walking at least an hour a day and build up to jogging or moderate exercise.

      but — success is a choice.

      If you eat 4,000 calories through the day and do zero physical activity, of course it will be stored as fat and you will become heavier.

      fruitarian/vegan/vegetarian diet will help you lose weight and keep it off so i suggest you look into that too.

      An easy way to lose weight very quickly is to stop eating bread and sugar.

      drop me a comment at the end of January and update us.

    • i do not fast to lose weight, but i noticed esp after my 35 day fast that i was able to eat a lot and not gain it back quickly.
      2 weeks after that fast, after eating and enjoying food and wine in france, i only gained 2-3 lbs, about a kilo back 2 weeks after i had stopped. But i do a lot of exercise and physical activity, much more than most people, so that probably helps me becasue i am burning a lot of calories. Surely, if i did no physcial activity, i would have gained more weight faster.

      i recently did a 18 day fast, and then had a business trip in america and ate a lot (american meals are far larger than in france or dubai where i live) … and i gained about 7 lbs during my 10 day trip. again – am not doing these fasts to lose weight.

      from beginning of January, i will do a 40 day water fast (i reitterate that when i fast i do not have anything but water, and do not take any suppliments whatsoever) to ensure i achieve 40 days, this time i will begin the fast 5 kilo heavier than when i did my 35 day fast. also because i am exercising a lot each day training for my row across the atlantic i will begin a little bit heavier.

      for more information on water fasting, read the books or watch the videos i posted at the bottom of the blog on fasting.

      • Hey scott! I’m so inspired by your story…I get it that you don’t fast for weight loss but does fasting effect your skin(like early aging,wrinkles and all)and how much weight i’ll lose in a forty day fast if i don’t do exercise?

  10. Consolata Nzomo

    Hi….I recently did a dry fast for three days of not eating and drinking but more for spiritual reasons. Was tough but I made it. I want to do the 21 day water fast for health reasons and for energy and because of your encouraging blog

  11. Cynthianne

    You have inspired me! I am now off to purchase the recommended book. Thank you so much, Scott!

  12. Ashley Grams

    I am so fascinated you shared your experiences with the 30 day fast. I, myself, have been on the line about a 30 day fast, and I want to do it now since you gave me inspiration. One question. How much water did you consume in a day?

    • i am on day 30 of a 40 day water fast that i am doing.

      normally, when i fast, i drink a lot of water .. 4+ liters a day, but this fast, i am drinking much less, maybe 2 liters a day.

      main reason is because i was waking very often in the middle of the night to pee and it was hurting my sleep.

      this fast i am doing now .. i feel great, better than any other fasts and it is the fast where i am doing the most exercise. i am training 2 hours a day with 45-60 minutes on a rowing machine and walking an hour every day, 7 days a week.

      for me, fasting is very easy. i dont feel hungry at all. i am not tired. only negative is boredom.

      if you want to try fasting, make sure you read about it. dont listen to all the people who say its bad for you. make sure your family support what you are doing. and then set the number of days you want to acheive and do it. dont stop before you get to that number.
      one of my goals this year is to fast for 40 days and 40 nights. i am 10 days away from achieving this goal…. but i know from experience these next 10 days will be the hardest.
      read the links and books i suggest. good luck

  13. Okay first of all this is all bull. You wouldn’t be energized from not eating, anyone who has a basic education would know this. By not eating this actually slows down your metabolic rate so the way that you were eating before you started fasting was actually healthier and the way you’re fasting is in reality, more fattening. Another thing, I’ve gone 2.5 weeks without food not by choice, although I did drink a lot of water and I wasn’t energized at the slightest. I was very fatigued, sluggish and couldn’t focus at all. Fasting isn’t healthy for you at all, and I don’t appreciate that you’ve put this article out for everyone to view it when it’s untrue. You’re giving people false hopes. By not eating for a long period of time, this can actually cause serious health problems. Trust me, I would know. This has happened to me and is still happening to me, I’m tired of the doctor appointments and honestly I feel bad for all the money my dad has spent on doctor bills just for me. Anyways, this article is very optionated and not based on any facts whatsoever. Before you write an article like this, you need facts to back up your side so it even makes it worth the read and worth the argument.

    Thank you

    • I am not discussing “not eating.” What I discussed was “fasting” … water fasting. “fasting” has been around for 1,000s of years.

      i know with certainty that I am right and your comments are incorrect. I am not “fasting” to lose weight … I am fasting for the spiritual and health benefit, detoxing, and starving my body of the excess sugars … my body gains energy from burning the fat stores. this is why one feels so good when they fast.
      before you waste your time, and the time of others posting negative stuff on blogs … you should study more or at the very least read about the subject you are talking about, “fasting.”

      • HI, Don here in CA, 63 year of age male, fasted 100’s of times, longest 21 days, but now day 10 of possible 30 day. This I have to say is the best and easiest fast I have ever done. Tons of energy and never one problem though I never do. Last fast was over a year ago and I don’t eat red meat, closer to veg and vegan, but sometimes I had cheese pizza and only 6 months ago I started eating some turkey and for a month some chicken. I lift for what I consider heavy weight for 3-6 reps 225lb bench press, and 250 once. Did this on day 7 of my fast. Do whole body few sets each body part. So day 14 coming up Sunday see how she goes, but like you I have so much energy I go sprint sometimes to relieve the energy level. My mental clarity is out of this world, and my thinking is so fast, my brain does not get in the way when I think. I am drinking spring water, before I use to for many of my fast just distilled which leaches inorganic materials from your body, but I feel better with spring water. I take no supplements or anything, just water. Great to see someone else feels like I do. Carry on.

    • I think you should research fasting because it’s very beneficial!

      • Fasting is very good, aand this article was very beneficial, and the above negetaive comment is useless.

    • You’re an idiot. It’s his opinion. He’s said that numerous times. Get a grip you bitter muffin.

    • Did you here your self I’ve gone 2.5 weeks without food not by choice.
      Fasting is unique for every person for you do not understand what is happening in that process. For very first time our internal stored toxic mater will star to come out usually on 8th day of fasting.
      And that is where you expirienced suffering. Fasting without toxins is easy and do ones know do you have toxins fast and you will find out.
      In new testament Matthew it sed After fasting forty days and forty nights, he was hungry. Observe end of sentence he was hungry this is the key, when you fast you have to observe your self and stop fasting if your bady signals to you or except suffering. Repeting fasting to later time is good way to go.

      • Lynette Wood

        I am glad you brought that up about biblical fasting. I have to question though, mankind was much closet to perfection then, than what we are now. Our bodies are more polluted, sicker, what Im trying to say is this, fasting that long and expected results may have been more beneficial then. I don’t know, I have limited knowledge on the subject. I am interested in doing it, but ….shudders….stories of excessive hair loss scare me silly

    • Mitchell Rehaume

      I have to disagree. As with the owner of the site I’ve noticed an increase in energy and mental focus after a few days.

      I would like to know your initial health level and what your basic metrics where when you started.

      • mitchell, its a waste of your time to try and reason with negativity. in our world today … too many people go through life a victim instead of trying the make things happen; you cant reason with senseless negativity.

    • Kaelyn that why you talk to an doctor about it. I did and she told me it’s my body and I know what I can handle. I weigh almost 500 pounds so I know it works I have done 4 days and felt great that the God’s honest truth and it’s people like you that makes us want to prove you wrong. So in 30 days I will see what my body going through. I gave up soda for an year back in 2014 and ate like 500 calories a day for that year and walked managed to lose 97 pounds but I gained a lot back in that 5 years time to spend it back to fasting and proving you wrong

  14. Adrian Navarro

    Hi Scott,
    I was wondering is it good for a 14 year old who really wants to loose weight try this method or is it a bad idea.

    • i am not a DR. nor expert. My daughter is 14 years old … and if she ever wanted to try water fasting, i would suggest she reads about it first and understands “fasting.”
      its not a weight loss scheme … although one loses a lot of weight on a water fast. HOWEVER, i do not suggest a 14 year old does a water fast … read about fasting — study fasting — understanding what water fasting is all about before you get into “fasting”
      the links i gave at the bottom of the blog, including Dr. Alan Goldhammer (he is an expert) read about, understand it and what fasting and detoxing does to the body … then later in a few years or so, try it.
      you dont need to do a water fast to lose weight
      if you want to lose weight … instead of doing a water fast, try doing a “sugar fast” or “bread and sugar fast” … where you don’t have sugar or white bread for a month … for sure you will lose weight if you just cut the sugar out. good luck and keep me posted

    • What I studied a lot is it’s good to do after 20 years – 45 not beyond can Create some health issues. It’s good to weight.

      • if one has body fat … they can do as long as they have body fat. check out Loren Lockman’s youtube channel.
        Its worth noting – last month, I did a 10 day dry fast (no water/no food)… and felt great throughout. Dont listen to the people who tell you its not healthy. My best friend told me “dry fasting more than 72 hours is not healthy…” but he doesnt know. he has zero experience, and only read something he saw online.
        even the Dr. who told me he did not support my long water fasts … the Dr was fat and out of shape and surely his health isnt as good as mine … how can he give me advice? Dont listen to all the crap out there. Check out Loren Lockman’s youtube. He has many videos and answers your concerns.

  15. Hi Scott, I have been water only fasting for 14 days. I had surgery 3wks. Ago and am in a cast. I can not put any weight on my leg so I sit and go to the restroom all day. I have to take my pain meds. Every six hours or I’d be in excruciating pain. I’m doing the fast to help with my healing for a torn Achilles and the spiritual connection but I was disappointed to see the scale has not moved and I drink a gallon everyday. I started off over 200lbs. What do you think. I am very healthy and had a physical right before my surgery. My goal is to do 40 days

    • im at the end of day 38 of my 40 days and 40 night water fast challenge. youre at day 16 so by now your hunger should be gone. BUT i have no idea on the meds you take and how it works. fasting is a big anti-inflammatory so your body should be less inflamed … but again, i am no expert in this. try not to think about the weight and losing it … for sure, if you are having only water, you will lose weight and detox.
      i am 6’4″ and i was 95 kilo/208 lbs when i began my 40 day challenge, i am 78 kilo/171 lbs now and think i will lose another kilo/ 2.2 lbs by Saturday morning when i finish. if your goal is 40… try and make it happen. by now you should have no hunger. if you do, its probably bordem or mental …
      i nearly stopped at day 36 and a friend who is a vegan/fruitarian messaged me to really think about it for a couple hours and re-focus. and i did .. and it really helped me and now i am confident to go to the end .. keep me posted.

  16. Hi,

    Why were you wanting to quit at day 36? Did you start feeling hunger pains?

    I just watched The Science of Fasting and found it quite fascinating. I’ve just starting fasting yesterday morning so it’s been approximately 28 hours. I’m just waiting to get over days 3-4 as I’ve heard they’re the hardest. I’m hungry but it’s not too bad because my mindset is very positive. I’m fasting also for the health benefits and to cleanse my body and prepare for a healthier way of eating.

    Thank you for sharing your experience. It’s motivating.

    • The hardest part is the 2nd, 3rd and somewhat the 4th day … after that your hunger will be gone and its easy. BUT you need to want to do this, and have a clear goal of why you are doing it. i found that when i have fasted with a goal to achieve, example 20 days or 30 days or now 40 days, it was easier than when i just started to fast … also, organize your life not to be tempted to eat. you live in america, i live in dubai … america is surely much harder to fast than in dubai because in america you have the TV bombarding you with beautiful food … and also every where you go, food is pushed in your face … so try to organize where you are not watching the tv and or going out and being tempted.
      persoanlly, i gain focus from people’s negativity. you will have many people tell you that you should stop fasting, and how its not healthy … BUT fasting is very healthy and has been around for 1,000s of years. do not listen to the negatvity.
      on day 36 i was traveling to Cairo with my youngest daughter to see the pyramids … and was hungry and tired, and almost used the excuse of travel as the reason to break the fast, but … a good friend helped me re-focus and i didnt break it. I am 2 days away from achieving my goal of 40 days and 40 nights water fast. if i would have broken the fast a few days ago, surely i would have regreted. i will do a blog with video of my rowing an hour and walking an hour nearly every day on this fast .. and post more examples of how this fast went better than my others because i exercised nearly 7 days a week during the fast. good luck and remember after 3 to 4 days its very easy … your hunger will be gone.

      • Carol – if this is your first time on a water fast, instead of going for 40 days … maybe go for 20 or 30 days and learn more about “water fasting” .. then in a few months, after you have already experienced 20 or 30 days water fast and understand what to expect, etc … and you learn more about “water fasting” … then go for 40. 40 is easily achievable, esp if you are organized and focused on the fast, but for your first fast … maybe shoot for 20-30 days … and when you get to 30 days if you feel great, which i am confident you will, then continue to 40. But even 20 or 30 day water fast is great achievement. i am on day 39 .. and its indescribable how great i feel. it makes water fasting very easy because i love this feeling of consistent, constant energy. I wish i felt this great when i ate!! good luck and keep me posted

        • My goal is actually a couple of weeks. I just want to clear my body of toxins from all the junk that’s been put in it for 45 years. Then I’ll eat a much cleaner diet.
          I’m on day 2 right now and it’s hard because I want to eat something light but I keep pushing myself by remembering my goal. I live in America but I don’t watch TV and I don’t have a sense of smell so I’m not easily tempted. It’s just the hunger pains right now but they’re not overwhelming it’s just that they’re there. Just a couple more days and hopefully it will be smoother.

          • its very mental. stop thinking about your hunger pains, and you will stop feeling hungry. after 4-5 days you will have no more hunger. good luck

  17. I’m on day 5 and down 10 lbs. I worked out a little yesterday and I felt good. I love when the sugar leaves my body because my joints no longer hurt. Sugar does slowly kill you.
    I still feel hunger but it’s because I’m bored I’m sure. I really want to try to go vegan but doesn’t want to jump fully into it as I still want to eat fish.
    What do you normally eat when you first come off of fasting? Congrats on your 40 days!!

    • try to get away from counting daily how much weight you lose … and just focus on feeling good.
      i ate a lot of fruit when i broke my fast. thanks

  18. Thank you for this post. I’ve been fasting for 9 days and everyone around me begged me to break it. I finally gave it and felt terrible after I ate (and all I had was a salad). In fact, I felt so bad that I went back to fasting and feel much better. I initially put my mind to 21 days and now I’m actually looking forward to accomplishing it! Your article is much needed when there is so much negativity abounding when it comes to fasting. It might have taken me a few google pages to find you but it was worth it!

  19. Hello, I just read your post, and as a doctor, I am quite concerned about your health.
    I’m not trying to be negative, to each his own, but have you ever considered taking at least some vitamin supplements?
    Seriously concerned about the 40 day fast you plan in the future..

    • thanks for your mail. thanks for your input and concern.
      By chance, this time, I met two doctors a day and two days after this fast. the first dr. was a nutritionist who did my blood work and said everything looked good. the 2nd doctor was for my annual physical which coincidentally was scheduled three days after the fast ended … and he confirmed my blood work was good, and even mentioned that I was “remarkably healthy for my 47 years” i wont do another 40 day fast until next year. but i want to do 2 more 20 day fasts this year. i miss the fast and that constant great energy you feel when you fast. I have gained 10 lbs since the fast and everything seems ok. i am sleeping better and deeper than i have for in years. thanks again.

  20. Hello Scott.

    I have read all of your posts on your fasts and I even have bought and read the book of recommendation. And find your experience one that I wish to experience.

    However, I have failed countless times during the first few days.

    How do you manage to make it through the first 4-5 days?

    Thank you, Isabis

    • ensure you organize yourself where the first 5 days you dont have any lunch or dinners to go to with family or friends so you will not be tempted. also, you must really want to fast … to make it happen.
      if you “sort of” want to do this … it will not work. every time i have half heartedly tried to fast, ultimately i would quit … but when i organized myself and focused on the end goal, it was easy.
      also, i strongly suggest you do not share on any social media that you are begining the fast … 100% you will have loads of people tell you how its bad for you … and dont do it. which will make your “quiting” or “stopping” easier because you will be reassured by people who do not support you on this (although it has nothing to do with them, and does not affect them at all)
      i bet the ones who support you the most are the most positive friends in your life.
      like most things in life, “fasting” is very mental. if you want to experience a fast … just do it.
      keep me posted

  21. Hi Scott,

    Thank you for the reply! I have decided, today, that I will embark on a 30 day fast ending on April 16th to restore my relationship with food and focus on ‘me’ (and other goals).

    Any tips/guidance from you is welcome.

    Thank you, Isabis.

  22. Scott, you’re God sent. Thank you for your inspiring story.

    I have done several fasts before.I am now psyched up for a 40 day fast.

    But the first 5 days are hell. How do you navigate past those days successfully?

    Thank you Scott !

    • when there is a will…there is a way. it is not as difficult as you think.

  23. I fast as well. You don’t get insomnia because you have energy. You get insomnia because your body prioritizes finding food over sleeping

  24. Hi, I’m considering a 30 day fast in a couple of months time and luckily stumbled across your Blog which is very inspiring and informative. My question is what foods do you eat immediately after the fast ends and how much do you eat. I presume you gradually increase the amounts over the following days. I’m a vegan so I imagine it will be easy to resume my normal my normal diet. Thanks in advance for your reply

    • i had a birthday party that i went to on the 41st day …when i broke my recent 40 day water fast and i had a big french meal … and wine. (this is not what i have read is the way to break a fast, but i enjoyed my first meal, and it was a big one)
      on day 30 of a 30 day water fast that i did a couple years ago, i ran a full marazthon … and after the marathon, i broke the fast by eating a big bag of M&Ms ..
      but … of course this is not how one is suposed to break a fast. I am fasting again for 20 days (i fast 4 times a year, every 3 months) and when i break this fast, i will eat only fruit and focus on a fruitarina, vegan diet.

  25. hi scott,
    i just started my first 30 day water fast. literally this is my first day. i am hoping i can do it to de-toxic my body and yes lose lots of my stored body fat. i play on continuing my hiking routine. will keep you posted. and thanks for all the great info.

    • keep us posted. the first 3-5 days are the toughest but after the 5th day its easy.
      stay strong and dont stop at day 4 or 5 … from day 6 it will be easy
      coincidentally, I begin a 20-day water fast tomorrow. post a comment when you get to 30 days.
      make it happen.

  26. Hi Scott!

    I failed that fast I told you I was beginning (1 and a half days in); what mental ‘tricks’ or subversions do you apply during those initial 4 – 5 days?

    • in my opinion, fasting is very mental. the hardest part is surely the first 4 days.
      each time i have fasted and its been a success, my heart was really into the fast … and i had a clear vision of the goal i had set. the times i only half-heartedly fasted, i failed to achieve my goal.
      read the “fasting and sunbathing” book by Herbert Shelton ..even if you read it before, read it again. it should help inspire you for next time you fast.
      keep me posted.

    • My first fast was 10 days and my goal was to get rid of the headaches plaguing me. On the 3rd day I felt like the food in the fridge was talking to me and begging me to eat. What stopped me from breaking my fast was my adorable 5 year old daughter telling me, “Don’t eat, Mommy. I want you to feel better.” I didn’t eat until day 11. I felt AMAZING! Today is day 4 of my latest fast. I’m borderline Diabetic from a life of American food, my blood pressure is creeping up each annual doctor visit, and my inflammation level is very high. This time I’m fasting for my life.

      • Try and go for 21 days. For sure you can achieve 21 days… But you just have to want it.

        Fasting cured my wife’s close friend of stage 4 hochkins lymphoma… 26 day water fast and she was clear. Incredible the power of fasting.
        Make it happen
        Keep me posted

  27. Or more generally, what do you do (that I’m probably not doing) that gets you through the fast?


    • like most everything in life, it comes down to that simple thought: “…but I have to make it happen.”
      next time you fast, focus on the end goal and how proud you will feel about the success you will achieve — focus on that thought, then your hunger pains will be nothing.
      “pride lasts longer than hunger pains”

  28. Hi, Sir Scott. I would like to ask if it’s possible for me, a 19-year old over-weight college student to fast for 30 days.. because I’m doing practicum in my university, I get fat easily.. what should I do? What if I’m getting lesser energy or metabolism as they said in the mid 1st-week of fasting?

    • before you fast — make sure you read and watch the links i put at the end of my 30, 35 and 40 day fasting blogs.
      I AM NOT a fasting expert … however, I have read a lot on fasting, and fast every few months so have a lot of experience in water fasting.

      there are too many negative myths when it comes to fasting (Note – your body will burn your fat stores for energy, thus you do not feel less energy – if anything, you will feel more energetic. The first week might be tough, but if your mind is focused on your goal, you will easily get through) … if you are overweight, you will have stronger sugar withdrawal symptoms for the first week … but after the first week, you will be fine.

      i ran a full marathon on day 30 of a water fast and had my best time of my life — a full marathon on day 30 of a water fast.

      My most recent fast, i did 40 days and rowed on a rowing machine 36 out of the 40 days for 45-60 minutes a day and I walked at least 60 minutes every day during the 40 days, later in that fast i walked several hours a day and i felt great.

      but i have read a lot, and studied water fasting so i understand what to expect. you are a 19 year old university student … so you will have extra temptations to eat or break the fast.

      My suggestion is to read the book “water fasting and sun bathing” by herbert shelton … and then organize your schedule so when you begin, the first 7 days of the fast you are away from temptation. Example – organize to do the fast when you have a break from school and ensure you surround yourself with people who support this … and do not listen to all the people who say its not good for you. fasting is very healthy.

      but i am not an expert and all of this is my opinion from my experience.
      update me when you get to day 7 of your fast.
      make it happoen.

  29. Hello there , your blog has True ly inspired me, I’m a Muslim person so I’m pretty familiar with fasting just not “water fasting” I’m going to start it soon wish me luck!

  30. FastOnceAMonth

    I know majority of the time Islam does not get its well deserved attention and there is always negative news about it so people get scared and don’t even come near it. But one of the pillar of Islam, is to fast in the month of Ramadan which is fasting for 30 days. You eat/drink at dawn, fast during the day (no food/drink) and break fast at sunset. Since the months are based on the lunar calendar, the dawn and sunset time changes each year. So God knows our weakness and what is good for us so God prescribed it as a mandatory action and made a pillar of the religion. Again guidance will come only to those who are willing to accept it. May God provide me and all of you a true guidance. So remove all the biases and news and get a copy of Quran online and read it yourself.

  31. Hi:) i’m 15 and i’ve been looking into fasting. i’m not doing to lose weight(though i think that’s a nice side effect). i just feel like i’m to obsessed with food and not very grateful for the things i have. i’ve heard that people get more energy and are more grateful and happy afterwords. anyway i was wondering if there were any tips you had and if i should take a multivitamin while fasting:) p.s. sorry for the long text

    • make sure you read as much as you can find on water fasting. do not waste time reading or watching videos of people moaning about how hard it is …
      from my many experiences, water fasting is easy WHEN you are mentally and fully committed to the fast.
      i do not take any form of suppliments or vitamins (personally, I do not believe in multi-vitamins)
      the issue with taking a suppliment while you fast is that it will contain sugar and or carbs, thus even if its small amount, your body will get some form of energy, rather than just using the fat stores.
      you are 15 so make sure you read a lot about it (watch youtube videos of Dr. Goldhammer from the clinic i mention at the end of my 40 day fast blog)
      the first few days will be a little challenging, but after 5 days, your hunger is gone and from my experience you will begin to get a “fasting high” and feel great.
      keep me posted

    • Studies suggest that fasting (or starving I guess) as a kid can cause problems with development/growth. I’m not sure about at 15, but it’s not something I’d suggest without talking to a doctor. Maybe wait a few years.

  32. I’m looking forward to water fast for 30 days. I’ve been doing intermittent fasting since then but this water fast would be new to me. I’m 25 y/o overweight. Please advise

    • i am not an expert. i like to fast. i suggest you read as much as you can on fasting before you fast. good luck

  33. Hey Scott,
    How did you first start out fasting? I am a younger guy really wanting to start to fast and i really don’t know how to start.

    • i read herbert sheldons book (the link to the book is at the bottom of my 40 day fast blog.
      read that book and it will introduce you to the benefits of water fasting, also, watch Dr. Goldhammer’s videos which are also posted at the end of my 40 day water fast blog post. good luck

  34. Hello, I want to go on a trial 7 day water fast, then work up to 30 if I enjoy how I feel. I do have some concerns. Does your digestive system shut down? Is the a “system restart method” you do to ease back into eating solid foods? Are you taking vitamins to ensure proper nutrition, or will your body be ok for 30 days off just the fat? Thank you in advance!

    • you need to read the links i listed below the blog, and the book i suggested is very useful in my opinion, its the best. you ask me questions that are already covered/answered … and i said in my blog that i do not take any supplements or vitamins, even when I am not fasting … so when I fast, I only drink water. you will not succeed when you do your water fast if you do not read before you begin. water fasting is very easy – but you need to understand what you are getting yourself into.

    • yes, fasting with out food or water … so complete fast is called “dry fasting”

      I have done a 5 day dry fast and a 3 day dry fast several times.

    • my first real water fast was 30 days. but i like mental and physcial challenges.
      i think fasting is very mental. if you want to fast, and you organize your life around your fast, it is very easy to fast.
      the hardest part is the anti social aspect of it, and you will get bored and when we are bored we are tempted to eat.
      if you have never fasted before and you want a big challenge, go after 21 days or 14 days. i think 10 days is easy and not long enough to see and feel the big benefits of fasting.

  35. Hi!

    I saw that you suggested to drink water during the fast, but would it be just as affective to drink tea and black coffee? I drink a large amount of both beverages, and I wouldn’t want it to give me bad results.

    Also, does fasting eliminate cravings? The most I’ve fasted was about 5 days and I always end up binging afterword. How do you suppress all of these unnecessary cravings? I can’t seem to shake them off. My mind always wanders to the thought of food. How do I avoid these thoughts?

    Please keep me updated!

    Thank you! (:

    • of course i suggested to drink water during the fast … its a “water fast.”

  36. Hi Scott,
    Today I started 30 days fast..
    May I go to gym these 30 days??

    • i am not a fasting expert … i go to the gym and train, but i know most people who fast do not. you need to decide what works best for you. good luck

  37. Erick Wightman

    Hi. You have inspired me to increase my 30 day water fast to a 40 day water fast. I am currently on day 4 and I am feeling a bit tired. I started my fast at 307.8 lbs 5’11” I will updated you as I proceed.

    • although I like to water fast very much – I am not the expert. I suggest you watch youtube videos of Loren Lockman who seems to be the leading expert on water fasting.
      you will feel tired and hungry … the hardest part of the fast (for me) is day 3-4-5. after the 5th day, its normally easy. keep us posted. make it happen. keep us posted.

  38. Hello, I started my water fast and it seemed to follow your experience pretty closely, the first day was easy, 2 and 3 were the most difficult, and after day 7 it was easy. I’d been loosing weight consistently since I started, but it started peatering off at day 7. I’m on day 9 now and my weight loss has plateaued, do you have any recommendations for this? I am planning on starting to go back to the gym in an attempt to kick start it, but am getting kind of discouraged. Thanks!

    • from my experience, you will lose on avg 1 kg a day. of course, if you are taking in zero calories, and your body is still burning calories .. you will lose weight.
      from what i have read, most people plateau for a few days, but you will continue to lose. you have been doing it only 9 days … 9 days is good, but if you are fasting to lose weight, of course you will lose weight. get away from looking for the instant success and focus on the long term … the weight will fall off you

  39. Gabrielle Gardner

    I’ve fasted for 30 days before and I’m in the process of another one, I’m currently on day 7. I believe everybody is different and their requirements are different. I didn’t read the books you listed but plan on looking thru them when I get a chance. With that said, on my 30 day water fast I used kosher salt and I took vitamins mostly potassium and Magnesium, (mainly epsom salt food baths) to replace my electrolytes. If I didn’t have the salt I would have horrible cramps, you could see the side of my hand cramp (the meat would make a dint) and my fingers would stick together. My legs would cramp if I did a hard stretch but once I drank salt water or ate some salt and would feel better and the cramps stop happening. So if anyone is having, fatigue or cramps try adding salt to your fast.

    • … adding supplements like salt or magnesium takes away the pure fast from the fast.
      personally, for me … it is expected that you will get tired and as you detox, you will experience lots of strange things related to the detox such as cramping.
      If anyone reading this is doing fasting to humble themselves for religious reasons, it’s worth remembering Ezra and Ester and all our friends in the old and new testaments who advocated fasting didn’t have magnesium or salt in their fasts.

  40. I am underweight 53kg(20 years same weight approx) 42 years old male 5.7 inches tall but no major disease and low appetite. If I water fast for 3 days will I be able to fix my digestion and gain weight after the fast(recovery period). Based on below link its possible-https://chestofbooks.com/health/natural-cure/The-Hygienic-System-Fasting-and-Sun-Bathing/Fasting-By-The-Emaciated.html

    • i am NOT an expert … i suggest you visit Loren Lockman youtube channel. don’t waste any time reading the 2 people out there who speak very badly/negatively about him. Loren is one of the leading experts on water fasting in the world. i highly recommend him.

  41. Years ago I fasted (water only) for 30 days. Lost a pound a day.

    I was trying for 40 days but commitments spoiled that.

    I tried physical work but found stamina lacking.

    A lot heavier now and wonder whether this triggered my body to store extra reserves of fat.

  42. I’m embarking on a 30 day fast. I appreciate your forum and your determination to successfully complete your fast.

    • fasting is mjority mental. you have to want to make it happen … good luck

  43. I know research says “drink to thirst” but how much water is everyone drinking each day?

  44. I’m helping a 19 year old boy who did this for 7.5 days (broken the fast 10 days ago) and now he is very sick. Vommiing, fever, fatigue, He can’t drink or eat. He has been in and out of the ER 3 times for IVs In the last week.

    Ithe Drs can’t seem to help. Does anybody have experience with this reaction and can you offer any suggestions or help?


    • although i dont think its related to fasting 10 days ago, loren lockman seems to be the biggest expert in fasting. he has a good youtube site with lots of info vlogs. i have no experience and do not know anyone who has become sick after fasting.

  45. Dear Scott,

    How delightful to come across another person who’s done lengthy water fasts, not for weight loss but for the clarity that ensues after a few days, that and the incredulous energy One experiences.
    It is amazing how when you allow your digestive system to relax, tye rest of you follows suit and it’s almost like your “superpowers,” (for lack of a better word), kick in. I found as well as the increased energy, Intuition and creativity were also heightened. During my first 21 days, I was cooking everyday for my partner using intuition as a guide- and (from what he said), it was spot on.

    Been mentally prepping for the next one for some time and today marks day 1. Here we go, and rather excitedly :).

    Again, thanks for sharing Scott, and greetings from Central Europe.

    Namaste ??❤️

  46. I think is perfectly fine to fast to lose weight. How could you go wrong) zero calories

  47. I am looking to go for a 30 day water fast. Had done 100 hours dry fast in the past. Would like to know if hot water & cold, chilled water is ok during water fasting or is it recommended to confine to water at room temperature. Thanks

    • i am no fasting expert – but i drink cold water and room temperature. as long as there is no juice or lemon … i dont think the temperature of the water matters other than making one colder as the fast progresses.

  48. Hi! I am sooo excited to see that you are still replying to this thread! I have a question, obviously, on if I should continue to take a multivitamin or not during the fast? I am 5’ 6” and weigh 200;bs (heaviest I’ve ever weighed). I am constantly tired, irritable and using food to comfort my ever growing disgust with my self image. Since I am aware of this cycle I am falling into I am going to fast. Mop it in the butt, if you will.,.. I’ve tried intermittent fasting but find myself eating crap when I can eat to get the quick energy. I’ve done whole 30 before and am assuming the mental clarity and energy and overall sense of feeling good is somewhat the same. I am asking about the vitamin b/c I can’t seem to get a legit answer. I have read that fasting for women’ is different than fasting for men. As our bodies function differently. It I do not get any vitamins at all I am worried about negative effect and I’ll start losing my hair or something crazy like that. If I were to take a multivitamin wouldn’t this be counterproductive to what is trying to be achieved with fasting as your metabolism is still having to break something down? Can you please advise to the best of your knowledge on this? Thanks in advance and I look forward to reading your response!!! BTW, I am on day one of my fast.

    • i know females who have fasted – including my oldest daughter, (who quit after 5 days of a 21 day fast) but i have females friends who have done 26 day fast. since fasting is biblical … i suggeest its not much different. however, i am not expert. Fasting is very very mental. if you want to fast – and are focused and have organized yourself, you will succeed … but if you are half heartedly doing this, you wont succeed.
      DO NOT go after 40 days if you havent fasted before — instead go for 21 days.
      you do not need to take vitamins or anything else .. if you do, then its not really a fast and it will be harder becasue your body will be getting outside sources. i drink a black coffee every morning when i fast … but coffee has less than 1 calorie. its very mental — the first 5 days are toughest, but from day 6-7 its very easy. update me when you get to 21 days. all the best

      • I AM on day 13 of a 30 day fast. I did not realize it is okay for sugar to drop as my body is burning ketones, and I ate some coconut butter and a few cashews. I either got allergic reaction or liver and gallbladder could not handle the tablespoonfuls of fat in the coco butter. I got really sick and had to take a Benadryl. I have to force myself to just stay on the water. Is that correct?

        • “water fast” means you drink only water. It is not “water fast” if you are drinking sugar or anything that has calories.

  49. Hi Scott!

    Thanks for this blog and your response to all the comments….Truly inspiring!!!
    I have begun my water fast today and intend to do a 21-day initially. This will be my first time at water fasting. I too am doing it for health and spiritual development.

    Although I have been able to fast well a few years ago….Over the last couple of years….I have struggled to….(am thinking more of a mental thing than anything else). I hope to complete it this time around.

    Thanks once again for the wonderful advice and encouragement.

    God Bless!!


    I love to fast too. The first time I did it when I didn’t have nothing in my house to eat at all on purpose. I didn’t eat anything and only drink water for a week. I feel so alive and energetic that I could hardly tame myself. I am 46 and fasting have become one on my goals to do every month to keep my little figure. I have clear skin, I normal body mass at my age and even better. I feel good at this age than most who are the dame age as me. I am not on any medications at all. My hair is growing like crazy. Fasting is good for the body and it keeps you looking younger. I have an age of 34 years old skin, meaning my skin is young like a 34 years old. I drink water all day and feel great. Fasting should be on everyone’s list who can do it. Fasting is not for everyone.

  51. I was wondering what happens to your digestive system when you fast. If you are only drinking water, do you poop regularly or do you stop pooping. I dont want my digestive system to be compromised due to fasting for longer than a week

    • if your body has nothing to digest, then you dont go to the toilet. I fast often (every 3-4 months) so my body is fairly clean and detoxed. But when i did a 30 day fast a few years ago, after a few days i did not go to the toilet only to piss … but suddenly on day 23 I took a massive crap .. massive!! i have no idea where everything came from, and its scary to think …. whats inside us (esp. since i seldom, almost never eat meat) I read that we have foodstuff plugged up or on the walls of the colon or intestine – and fasting detoxes and cleanses the body. Fasting is has been around for many 1000s of years … so i wouldnt worry if i were you.

      Too many people “over think” this fasting stuff. Fasting is very simple — you only drink water. thats it. — you dont need vitamins or suppliments or broth or salt … nothing. you only need water when you water fast. your body will get what it needs from your fat stores. All these people who are telling me (you) or whoever what they need to take when they fast … are missing the point of fasting. Fasting is very simple and easy after 4-5 days. if you water fast … and you dont take any calories, and jsut water …. after 5 days its easy. but you need to get past the first few days … and not get brought down by all the negatitivty you will here.

  52. Hi Scott,

    I’m really appreciate with you!
    I’m suffering with binge eating disorder, I know my guts are hurt deeply by it and I hope to cleanse my body and mind through fasting.
    I’ve experienced to fast for seven days before, and I decided to do a 21 days fast from today.
    May I know can fasting heal binge eating disorder? I hope it does works for me.


    • i am confident strict water fasting can cure many to most things … drop an update when you reach 21 days. all the best

  53. Hello Scott, Thank you for sharing it is gonna help me I am on Day 1. I wacthed a viedo called the “Science of Fasting” The doctors ran an experiament where they gave lab rats chemotheapy. They had two groups one that fasted and one that did not the ones that did not fast all died the ones who fasted seemed fine. The doctors said fasting kills cancer cells. WOW that is amazing.

  54. Bella Fury

    Hello Scott!
    After searching the internet and running into countless fad diets, I finally found this page, your story, and the hundreds of comments that are mostly in support of you. I’m about to start a 20-30 day water fast and can’t wait to see the results both physically and mentally! Thank you so much for sharing your story, and allowing people like me to find the answers they need!

  55. I am on my fourth day. My energy levels are increasing. So far so good.I’m on blood pressure meds.(losartas potassium 50mg. Before fasting my bp was at 130-145/70-80 but now its at 111-115/60-65. This is after 4 days. I plant to cut the pill into a half. I used to have back ache,stomach issues which ate all gone. I will reach the 30 day mark no doubt. I’m fasting for greater anointing,health reasons as Jesus says “some are removed by fasting” Thanks for your blog. I will break on March 31st. I weigh 100 kg. The side effect of losing weight will be wonderful. I am type one obese.I need to be 70-75 kg. F I shed 25kg,glory be to God.

    • the hardest part is day 4/5/6 after that its very easy. try to do only water and nothing else. keep me posted

  56. Good day, hope all is well.
    Not an expert but enjoy your page (just found it).
    Have fasted 21 days (twice) with no food or water a few years ago. Currently going for a 40 day fast no food or water but will consume water if my body tells me to. The thing most people lose sight of is that everyone’s body is different and as such will react differently when fasting. Fact is there is at least one person who has gone one year without eating:


    Will just say to everyone 90% of the battle is mental. Few will ever be in a position where they have no choice but to consume water (stranded on a desert island) but if you have a goal and adopt the mindset of one day at a time it does become easier.
    For those of you that struggle try this fast once a month. Start with a three day fast and each month increase your fast buy a day. By the twelfth month you will be doing a two week fast. Just keep at it and occupy yourself with activities to take the focus of eating. I read a lot.

    • fasting is not an eating disorder. all religions “fast.”
      personally, i love to fast….and i love to eat.

  57. I realize I’m late to this thread but would you recommend 21 day water fasts on a quarterly basis or a longer fast (30-40 days) once or twice a year for maximum benefit?!?

  58. Hey Scott my name is Emily I weighed 240.2 on May 31 2019 it is now June 27 and I weigh 206.8 I ive been doing this water fast and it’s changed my life a lot but I had a few question about what to eat when I start to eat again should I start off with smoothies and liquids or can I eat solids as well?

    • good job. stay focused and keep making it happen. i suggest you consider a vegan, fruitarian diet once you finish. when you break the fast, fruit is what is recommended.
      check out Loren Lockman’s youtube channel. Also, if you are christian, i highly recommend Jentzen Franklin’s book “Prayer and Fasting” .. Also, Jentzen has a great website. you are close to 40 days … if you can, try and make that happen. keep me posted … and keep making your life happen.

  59. So excited to find this blog. So inspirational.I’m at the end of day three of a thirty day fast and feel great. I’m 68 and fat. Have weighed 170 for the past forty years and have done every diet there is but an extended fast. My poor knees need a break and the last blood work I had my glucose was just over 100, so time to do something.

      • Hello , I have a question during water fasting did you felt any skin itching problem? I am doing for 12 days slot and it’s my 3rd slot . My skin is giving me hard time to continue . Though I lost 13 kgs in a month. Everytime I break the fast on 12th day the weight crawls up 2-3 kgs , I am doing for weight loss and spiritual lightness too. Do you think I better not break it after 12 days . It gets easier after 5th day otherwise every time I have to go through those starving 4-5 days again and again.

        • skin itching is surely a detoxing. drink more water. my suggestion is to keep going and dont stop … 12 days all the hunger should be gone.
          keep me posted

  60. Hi I was just wondering how did you go about re-introducing foods into your diet after fasting for so long without experiencing rapid weight gain.

  61. Dawn Moore

    Hi Scott. Just found this thread. This is my second 30 day fast… the first one I drank sips of coke…I know.. I’m on day 16 of this fast and am drinking water only. But two days ago my muscles weakened so severely and I had severe fatigue I could hardly walk from the infield to the out and back again while playing softball. I went to my doctor today and everything looks great… tons of energy and focus…I could hardly stop talking. I didn’t hydrate that day due to not wanting “to have to go” during the game. Could the dehydration have been the cause for my debilitation? Also… I had tons of energy on my first fast with coke but was fatigued for days 6-12 of the 16 drinking water only. I’m just now starting to feel like I did on my first fast on day 16..”euphoric… with boundless energy.” Why do you think it took longer to get that feeling with water than barely drinking coke? I currently only drink about 6 cups of water a day and to be honest could go without very much at all..
    Which is why I had only sips of coke throughout the day.

    • you probably are detoxing more now than when you first fasted. Also, maybe you were mentally more focused on your fast when you first did it.
      i notice when i want to fast and focus on a time line and put my heart into the fast … its easy, and i feel great and do not hunger at all.
      But when i halfheartedly fast … i am hungry and do not feel as good. Also, i must exercise when i fast to feel great. When i fast and do not do exercise, i never experience the great fasting high that i do when i get my heart rate up.
      i suggest you cut the coke sips out of your fast – and only drink water. the sugar and chemicals from the coke are preventing you from experiencing a true detox.
      good luck and keep me posted

  62. Hello,
    I just came across this blog and I must say it’s truly inspiring! I do like to fast as well but whenever people find out they tell me how terrible I behave and that I need to stop, even had a friend freaking out when I hadn’t eaten for 4 days.
    So I’m always led to feel guilty to eat even though I’m not even hungry.
    Thank you for posting your experience! Even searching online often gets you results like “How long to go without eating?” and people reply “Just don’t, 7 days at best if you drink plenty” but that’s just wrong.
    It’s really nice to have people acknowledge the benefits of fasting!

  63. Hi Scott,

    Nice posts and blog, just to clarify one thing for everyone else, black coffee that you take every morning when you fast puts more strain on digestive system than a pinch of salt that is much more beneficial in longer fasts since water flushes electrolytes daily. I have been on numeros 3 weeks fasts, 8 times 30 days fasts, 2 times 40, longest one 55 days in the last 6 years and nothing heals internal body like water fast. Like you I love to fast and benefits in blood, skin, weight and general health are massive. I would advise people reading this blog to not have any coffee and drink just water with one pinch of salt. BTW I am 42. Keep doing great job!

  64. I haven’t eaten anything nor consumed anything other than water for 389 days and am down 345 lbs. Was told by so many “experts “ that I’d be dead if I quit eating. Nope, I won’t eat for another 130 days. Or until I’m at my target weight. Zero loose skin so far. I’m 48 and ain’t working out.

    • great job. do you have a blog or a youtube link? keep making it happen.
      keep me posted

  65. Hi Scott,

    I have been told I must add pink Himalayan sea salt, potassium chloride and magnesium to my water for fasting or I will deplete my electrolytes. What is your advice on this?


    • i dont add anything to my water when i fast – nothing. What you were told is a ridiculous myth spread by someone who probably has never fasted before, or at the very best only a couple days. There is nothing to think about on a fast — you fast with water … and nothing else. I did a 10 day dry fast a couple months ago … and it was great. I advise you to watch Loren Lockman youtube. my final comment is — Dont listen to all the input friends/people tell you…. at the end of the day, a water fast is a water fast without anything added. Just water.
      but if you want to use salt too … you are free to do whatever you want. but all these experts who give their advice/opinions on water fasting … I ran a full marathon on day 30 of a 30 day water fast … and it was my fastest marathon by 17 minutes. I didnt add any salt or pink himalayan salt … nothing. only water.
      it is a myth that you deplete in electrolytes.

  66. Hi Scott,

    Thank you for sharing your story, I was wondering if you could give me an idea of how much water you drink daily while fasting? I have been trying to research this but no link has given me a definite answer. Thank you for your time.


    • personally, i have done fasts where i drank many liters a day and all day long …. but i have done fasts where i only drink 1-2 liters a day.
      it depends on you and there is no set amount one needs to drink (in my opinion)
      i like to dry fast and recently did a 10 day dry fast — and enjoyed the fast very much. My input to everyone is DONT listen to all the people who give you negative feedback on fasting. Check out Loren Lockman youtube channel. he has 20+ years of water fasting and dry fasting experience. (i should add that i have never met Loren and have nothing to do with him or his youtube – but i respect his experience and knowledge on water fasting and dry fasting. he is the truest expert i have come across)

  67. I am from India and I follow Jainism. 10 day Water fasting is very common amongst us and the practice is followed since thousands of years. May of my family members have done it and we all acknowledge the health benefits. I will be starting my water fast for 10 days from tomorow. I am going through some tough times and I hope to gain some mental clarity. I will be meditating everyday as well. Last time I tried I couldn’t get past the 3rd day. But it was a half-hearted attempt. But this time I am much more determined.

    Your blog is a great inspiration and I thank you for that. I’ll keep sharing my experiences.

  68. Hello I’m currently doing a 10 day water fast, and your article is so correct. I also recommend if you do an extended fast 5+ days, you should be cleared by a doctor. For the commenter that said using salt in water isn’t a true fast is untrue. Some need salt, especially if you have low potassium or sodium. I’m struggling with the refeeding, but I will be successful.

    • You can but then it’s not “water fasting”. Do the fast as you want. Personally I do not take anything but drink water.
      Don’t over think fasting. It’s very easy… After day 4 or 5.

  69. Hi John,

    thank you so much for sharing your story! It is really inspiring 🙂

    I am on day 4 of my water fast, so I guess the worst is behind me since today is the first day I’m feeling better than the previous days. It is because my energies are returning somehow…
    Initially I wanted to do just a 7 day water fast, but now after reading more about it I’m thinking of extending my water fast but I’m not sure for how long can I extend my fast?
    I’m 38 years old, 1.72 cm tall and my weight before the fast was around 69/70 kg, so my bio data is normal. By now I have already lost 3 to 4 kg, so basically every day I lost approximately 1 kg of body weight. I’ve read that the weight reduction will reduce significantly after 7 days. I’m just a bit concerned since I’m doing the fast all by myself, but I’m totally healthy so I think and believe that I could do it.

    I’m looking forward hearing your suggestions and advice 🙂

    Thanks and best wishes,

  70. Hello , Im currently fasting , doing a 72 hour to begin . my main concern is hair loss , anyone experience this ?

  71. Edward Haley

    I am 5″9 and weight 208 pounds and going on a 30 day water fast tomorrow for weight loss purposes hoping to lose 11 to 13 kilos, 25 to 30 pounds. This is going to be my toughest personal challenge ever as I love food and diet Mountain Dew soda, so wish me luck. I felt this this coronavirus and shut in it would be a perfect time to take on this challenge.

    • I begun a fast today myself. If you drink a lot of mountain dew, just be prepared to have fairly strong withdrawal symptoms … however, when you crave sugar or mountain dew, just drink more water. I am not a fasting expert … although i like to fast and i fast often. I am certain in the health benefits of fasting. Fasting will protect you from the virus. But since you are locked down … use this time to really go after your 30 day water fast. You will easily lose 30 lbs probably more in 30 days. But mainly, you will clean your body and detox … you will have a big positive impact on the people around you because without saying anything, you will inspire them and the very least you will get them to think about their own diet and detox.
      BUT … be prepared for negativity and people not supporting you and being negative towards your fast … also, be prepared for the first 7 days to be a challenge. Once you get through the first week, its easy. Also, you will get bored … so make sure you dont fall down and eat because of bordem.
      You can easily do this 30 day fast … but you have to want to achieve the 30 days and each time you feel hungry, you remember why you want to achieve this .. and keep focused and do not quit. Drop me update after 7 days. make it happen.

      • also … achieve these 30 days and never go back to mountain dew. all that sugar … even the diet drinks and the fake sugar is so bad for our health.
        you will feel 1000 x better once you detox yourself from all this soda. try not to go back after the 30 days – not just to stay thin, but mainly because its so bad for our health. have a good experience and make this 30 day water fast happen.

        • Edward Haley

          Thank you csr as your encouragement is very important to me, and I appreciate the knowledge you have shared with me. I live in Colorado and the entire state is under a stay at home order because of the coronavirus, which is why this is a perfect time for me to make a negative situation a positive situation for me. Also for motivation I have a pic of myself from 2 years ago hanging next to my computer where I was 33 pounds less than I am now (208 pounds) I used to live in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico so I was on the beach daily and walking 5 miles or more a day, but then when I established a company with an associate in Denver, Colorado my healthy eating and exercise has become nonexistant, as I am sitting in my office drinking diet mountain dew and snacking continuously on unhealthy food.
          Again csr your motivation and insight is just what I need to get jump started. You are very much appreciated!

  72. Edward Haley

    On to day 3. It has been a difficult first 2 days, because I love food ….. because I am bored being shut in which makes me want to eat …. because I know I cannot eat because of my goal, and when you cannot have something, you know you want it more …. because I am addicted to Mountain Dew and normally drink 6 bottles a day …. because I have never liked drinking water …. and lastly, because I have never fasted in my life beforem and I am 60 years old. It has really helped me having this pic of myself at the weight I am happy at in front of me, as it really helps me continue to be focused on my goal.

    • stay strong. detoxing the mountain dew is going to be tough … but after a few more days you will feel great, and all this cravings will be gone. keep us posted.

  73. Edward Haley

    I am still hanging in there, and the cravings have subsided substantially. I have leveled off in my weight loss for some reason the past 2 days, as I actually gained 2 pounds. Stange, but it has to be water retention. This coming Monday I will start my 3rd week. Thank you again csr for chacking on me, as it is very appreciated, and keeps me motivated to achieve my goal and weight loss.

    • Don’t worry. For sure you are losing weight. I’m not sure of the water retention but for certain (assuming you are strict fasting) you are losing at least 1 lbs a day. My strong suggestion is to stop weighing yourself. Good job

  74. Is it better to ease in while starting an extended fast (eat lesser each day…) Or just go cold turkey?

    • i do not ease into my long fasts. in fact, i eat a bit more leading up because i am thin and need more weight for the long fasts. example, i am on day 8 of my 2nd 40 day fast this year, and before i started this fast, i ate as much as i wanted for several weeks. i was very thin from my previous 40 day fast earlier this year. fasting is very mental. i think too many people over think how difficult it is.. when in fact, fasting is very easy – but we must really want to fast. And have enough body fat on the body to be burned for the longer fasts.

  75. Elizabeth Cronin

    Thank you for a very interesting and informative description of your fast! I am on day 2 of my extended water fast. I aim to fast at least 21 days, perhaps up to 40. I find it hard to believe that I will lose more than 0.5 pounds of fat a day because my basal metabolic rate (BMR) is around 1300 calories and each pound of fat has around 3500 calories. However I keep hearing that people lose a lot more than that (2lbs or more). I’m wondering if this is due to water weight being lost or because these people are big guys with higher BMRs. Any ideas?

    • my advice is DO NOT fast to lose weight. you will lose a lot of weight — but dont do a fast for the purpose to lose weight.
      Also, DO NOT listen to people tell you about fasting … if they have never fasted or are not into fasting. too many people have no understanding of “fasting” and just assume it is not good for our health … but in fact, fasting is magical for our health.
      Focus on your fast. do not break it – and stay strong. DO NOT weigh yourself every day … just fast and enjoy the experience, and you will see lots of weight disapear.
      BUT … if you weigh yourself every day and only focus on the weight loss … i dont think you will last your 21 – 30 day goal.
      Fasting is very very easy … if ones mind and focus is entirely into the fast.
      Trust me … stop thinking about losing weight and stop weighing yourself. Just fast … and you will have a great experience.
      Remember … do not listen to your friends are family unless they have a lot of experience fasting and understand it well.
      good luck

      • Elizabeth Cronin

        Many thanks for your insights! Actually, I do not own any scales so will have no idea how much weight I may or may not lose 🙂 I do want to lose weight, but my main reasons for fasting are to deep clean and reset my body, also to help reestablish a healthy relationship with food as a fuel rather than a source of pleasure or comfort. I hope to learn from this experience. Thanks again!

        • you will lose a lot of weight – dont worry. But be prepared to have a tough several first days because your body is detoxing. I fast very often (at least 2 days a week) so i dont have the same detoxing tough days anymore … but you can trust that after 5 days your hunger and what ever negative you experience will be gone. I strongly recommend fasting to everyone. keep me posted. make this fast happen. don’t quit after a few days … don’t listen to any negative input from friends… just focus on achieving your goal.
          21 days is iconic … but if you can achieve 21 days you can easily do 30. enjoy.

          • Elizabeth Cronin

            Thank you for the encouragement Scott 🙂 I’m currently on day 6 and still going strong. I haven’t experienced any Keto flu effects, no headaches, cramping or rashes etc. I have been drinking water with potassium salt & sea salt every now and then which may have helped. On the other hand I’m still hungry. It comes in waves and I know I can handle it, but I had hoped it would dissipate by now. The hardest part for me is that I already had very low blood pressure and the fasting has lowered it even more, so I’m light headed and a bit spaced out at times. Because of this I’m not able to exercise at all, which I miss. However, I’m still very determined to stick with it for the full 21 days, perhaps longer 🙂

          • My experience is the salt you add is what is keeping you hungry. I never take salt…because it keeps me hungry. I don’t know what keto flu is. Don’t over think this. Fasting is very easy. Of course you are tired. Your body isn’t used to fasting and you have more to detox. Stay strong

  76. I’m thinking about doing a 30 day fast, I’m currently taking diet pills do you suggest continuing to take them or to stop?

    • if you are fasting, don’t take diet pills. but be prepared for the detoxing of the diet pills. maybe have a black coffee instead of the diet pills. good luck

  77. Hello
    Your webpage is interesting to me. I am on day 10 of a water fast. I’ve only done short ones in the past 30 years, 3 maybe 4 days; 30 years ago I did 10 or more, cannot remember. I am trying to aim for 30. I am overweight. I weighed (losing already) 205, I’m 5’4″ so short, 56 years old, female, have hypertension (still taking medication as it feels the right thing to do right now but I hope to come off at some point int he future.) I feel good, no problems. I’d like to keep going. A friend who knows about nutrition is concerned about my digestive system shutting down if I go a full 30 days. Can you comment on such a thing? I guess he is worried about my organs being damaged. Personally I feel I am sufficiently over-weight enough to manage. But I thought I would ask your opinion. I drink only water but sometimes I put a bit of lemon juice, AVC or ginger juice in, an on occasion a bit of pink salt. I am quite physical in much of the work I do so I thought it would be okay. Thank you!

    • Hi Sarah,
      Water fasting is incredibly healthy and if anything is ONLY HELPING your body.

      I dry fast 3 days a week … every week (no food or water for Mon-Wed) as well as I have done 2 x 40 day strict water fast this year, and will do my 3rd 40 day water fast from Sept. 1st.

      I have had zero negative issues with my anything related to my health or body.

      The biggest negative about fasting, esp. for Americans (i assume you are american) is the negativity from the people around you … all the experts who like to give advice.

      I am 49 years old and 6’4″ and have 10.3% body fat … and I weigh 178 lbs which is what I weighed when i was 17 years old.

      I am NOT sharing that to boast … but to point out how great I feel and how healthy fasting has proven to be to me (i have fasted since 2013) also … I do not get sick; and when i lift weights or row (I row on rowing machine at least 60 minutes to 120 minutes a day, even when i am fasting) and do not feel soreness like I do when i am not fasted.

      Fasting is big time anti-inflammatory … i am sure if you can battle through the negativity or experts who are telling you its not healthy … if you can fight through them … and achieve 30 days, i bet a bottle of water that you will not need any more medicine for your hyper tension because it will be gone.

      Check out Loren Lockman youtube. He is the truest expert on fasting i have come across. he sells fasting services, so be prepared for him to tell you that you need to be supervised. i do not agree, but I have total respect for the man.

      In my opinion, its very american to feel the need to add salt into the water … to me its just a gimmick.

      The only time I tried fasting and added salt, it made me more hungry and added zero value to my fast, i ended up breaking it and since never used salt or anything else in my water when i am fasting.

      For me – Water fasting is water fasting … thats it.

      But this is how I do things – not being judgemental — just telling you that its a total scam about needing to add expensive salt to our water … water fast is simply water and thats it.

      Even if you stopped your medication tomorrow and just water fasted … YOU WILL NOT DIE FROM WATER FASTING.

      Water fasting has been around for many 1,000s of years and used to be a major way people healed themselves.

      I have witnessed first hand how 26 day water fast cured a woman of stage 4 hochkins lymphoma … after 24 rounds of chemo and radiation did nothing.

      Please … dont listen to all the experts out there giving you advice … unless its Loren Lockman. Check out his youtube channel and i am sure he has videos on hyper tension and anything you have questions about. he doesnt give advice or input for free … so be prepared to pay if you ask him (i dont know him, but my wifes close friend who cured herself of stage 4 cancer by water fasting used him as coach during he 26 days — loren is surely the expert when it comes to fasting.)

      hopefully this helps you.

      with all this said … my input is this: stop the lemon juice and salt and just drink water and do not stop until you achieve the goal you set. Be prepared for it to be difficult — you are fasting and detoxing you are NOT going to die and your organs are not going to shut down (i have done 2 x 41 day water fast this year, and 3 day fasts every week when i didnt do a long fast … and also fast 14 days, and my body is fine.

      Go until the end … 30 days. Water fasting will change your life forever …
      keep me posted

    • Also – i highly recommend you watch Derek Prince sermon on “fasting and prayer” youtube.
      even if you are not a christian … Derek Prince has several great sermons with detailed information on “fasting and prayer”
      fasting and prayer is magical .. even if you are not a christian, check it out.

      As for your question about being physically active while fasting. I am very active when I water fast. When i dry fast, i am less active, but i still row at least 60 minutes a day, even on dry days>
      i feel much better when i do cardio while water fasting … and it helps me get a great fasting high.

      I repeat … to you and anyone else reading this: you are not going to die water fasting unless you have no more body fat on your person … and all the experts who give advice … be careful not to get distracted from achieving your goal.
      hope this helps

  78. I am on day 7 of my water fast. I’ll admit I started it because of a breakup, I’ve never water fasted before but always wanted too so I thought why the hell not when I have 0 appetite already. I want to cleanse my body as I struggle with IBS and PCOS. Which means I gain wait a lot quicker than most people. So far in my 7 days I have lost 12lbs from water fasting! I am aiming to do 21 days as it’s my first fast, I have at times felt dizzy and I still do feel hungry sometimes and my stomach rumbles I drink around 2 litres a day is this normal?

    • I suggest you drink a little bit more water. Don’t over think your fast .. you are not eating, so of course its going to be different for you to get used to … however, 21 day water fast will have a big positive impact on you – so stay strong. keep me posted.

      • Hi! I’m now on day 13 and going strong. I am completely suprised at myself and I never thought I’d get this far. I’m feeling good, some days still dizzy but I have upped my water and realised it’s mainly when I stand up to fast haha! I’m on a massive 19lb loss so far which I’m ecstatic about and I’m definitely going to power through to the 21 days. I’m feeling great. Glad I found this page or I don’t think I’d have done it. Have you any advice for re feeding?

        • stay strong. keep me posted. you can easily get to 21 days.
          good job.

  79. I made it! 21 days. Can’t believe it really that I managed to stay focused on it. Never stuck to anything like this before in my life. Thank you for this thread. It’s changed my life.

    • Great job! Maybe consider fasting one day a week … or do another 21 day fast in 4 months.
      keep me posted on any super natural positive experiences you have in the coming near future. Great job, and please keep me posted.

  80. Anabela Santos

    I would like to know results of the fasting of 30 days, 6 to 12 months after. I have been on the keto diet for 3 years. I have normal weight, fast 16/8 intermittent fasting. But I am fasting for 30 days to reset my digestive system, I would like to know testimonies.