“it is a choice…”

Sophie made a good point yesterday … some readers might misunderstand my blog entries to mean that I consider someone “loyal” only if they work at naseba … and if they quit, they are a “fucking nobody…”

Believe it or not … this is NOT the way I think … I respect, like and in some way consider loyal, most of the people that left comments for LP … and most of those people no longer work for naseba.

I think I have hammered this point enough … but one more time I will state …

for me personally, when I was a sales executive and or sales director, like many of the readers … the root of my “disloyalty” to my previous employer started when I became someone that thought that I was more important than I really was …

I reiterate, I used myself as the “bad” example to shake people to reflect … maybe for some this was useful.

The comment: “we are all best friends …” DOES NOT necessarily mean that I think “NO ONE” is trust worthy and loyal … in fact, many at TEAM NASEBA as well as ex-naseba team members have proven to be loyal to me and the company.

Loyalty is a choice …

I can argue that I am “loyal” to my ex-employer because I do not speak poorly of his company nor of him and I do not recruit and for the most part hire any of his staff … but this is purely a choice that I have made.

I remind the reader, I am from the old school …I don’t cheat on my wife. I don’t screw people over money. I don’t screw my staff over. I am ultra loyal to those people that prove to be loyal to me.

I am not boasting … this is purely my choice of character that I am focused on being.

Readers…. This blog entry is NOT about “loyalty” to naseba nor Scott Ragsdale … it is about a character choice.

Next time you are about to be “disloyal” … by speaking negatively about someone that is or has been good to you … or cheat on your girl friend or boy friend … cheat on your company … betray your employer … screw someone over … remember that it is a choice that you are making.

With all that said … I will move on …

I think by now everyone understands that I challenge myself, my employees, my family, my friends … to live a life of “making it happen …”

Whatever the “it” is …. is up to the reader to decide for themselves.

The theme of the next blog entry will be: “Riju and Safraz … making an opportunity happen”

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