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the grass is greener on the other side ….

The ?grass is greener on the other side?? also known as ?Jack syndrome?

This section is devoted to helping those who are reflective ? and secure with themselves. If you are a whining, complaining, ?total bitch? ? and have become someone whom sincerely believes that the company you work for is holding you back from truly succeeding ?.there is no reason to read on ?it is too late for you…

Unfortunately, one day or another ?Jack syndrome? will afflict each one of us ? sometimes the disease can be deadly to people?s careers ?however, if one can come to terms and understand the syndrome early on before it takes over ? there is hope.

The scenario I am using is focused purely on the ?sales? side of an organization; where the ?Jack syndrome? is the most rampant — however, you can change the role in the exercise below to be virtually any role within an organization and the out come will always be the same.

At my previous company, my boss paid Jack Murphy, the best sales man and sales leader in the company a ridiculous amount of money; and Jack also travelled the world and gained international management experience which he took completely for granted ? just with me, he was a sales director and or General Manager in 6 different countries.

With his success, Jack became unbearable and unmanageable ? and in the end, we had to terminate him from the company.

Jack Murphy was someone who nearly died because of this disease ?but through counselling talks with me and his girl friend, self reflection ?.as well as divorcing himself from his (band of yes-men) more commonly known as ?loyal friends? ?. He lives and works today ?Jack syndrome? free.

Although there are many ?warning? signs of this disease, I will highlight the 4 most important to watch out for.

The 4 warning signs of ?Jack syndrome?

(The first sign of the syndrome) ?Arrogance?
Jack becomes one of the top sales people in the office and his office colleagues start to look up to him.

Jack will become boastful and arrogant at lunch, after work or in private with his fellow colleagues and speak poorly of the company management ? he will tell anyone that will listen to him that he ?could be more successful if his boss was not holding him back.?

With Jack?s new found success, he begins to become difficult to manage.

(2nd more serious sign that the syndrome has manifested itself) ?Over confidence?

Jack begins selling so much and his team and or office becomes the best, thus the highest level of leadership, the Chairman or CEO in the company has to give Jack his or her time ?.which gives Jack a false sense of importance and invulnerability?.thus over confidence.

(3rd stage is the most serious ? in 99% cases, there is no turning back) ?Loyal friends?

Jack develops a ?loyal? following of people whom in reality, are only ?yes men,? but Jack will believe them to be ?loyal friends.” These ?loyal friends? are definitely threatened by and or jealous of Jack?s success

The ?loyal friends? will tell Jack often ? that he ?should be paid more? ? that someone with his ability ?has many more opportunities at other companies? ?essentially, these ?loyal friends? make Jack feel more important than he really is.

(The 4th and final stage, there is no turning back) ?Total bitch?

Because Jack is a great sales man, he begins making big commission checks and most probably a higher basic salary than he has ever earned in his life, he might even travel the world with his job? and he will sincerely believe that all companies provide the same travel opportunity ?which gives him a false sense of reality ?
The ?loyal friends? (who will not travel because they are not at the same level or do not travel because they work at another company that does not provide travel) all their ?loyal? input ? will push Jack into the next realm?. the realm of ?total bitch.?
Finally, Jack will cross the line and completely disrespect his most senior boss?

Either Jack will quit to join another company ? and the new company that Jack will join, 99.9% will be a direct competitor, thus Jack will do the exact same job ? only in a different office ?.and discover that the grass ?might not? be greener?
?or Jack will be fired, but he will tell everyone that he quit?.

Unfortunately, the world we live in today is all about having everything right now ?

We want our lives to be cushy and soft ?we want it right now ?and if we can?t get it right now ?. ?F?. it?.? we are not going to wait for it ?.There must be softer, fluffier, cushier greener grass ?.some where out there?.

Many people will spend their entire lives looking for this ?greener grass?.?
And when they finally discover the truth —that it does not exist, it will be too late.