October 22nd, 2008: 6th year anniversary for naseba

Yesterday, naseba turned 6 years old.

On the flight from Riyadh back to Dubai, I reflected over the past 6 years and everything I have learned, especially over this past year.

Yesterday afternoon, Fabien, Sophie, Nic and I sat in Sophie’s office reflecting back together, laughing over the past 6 years … thinking how naive we all were when we launched naseba.

But without question, our naivity, at least in the very beginning is what helped us achieve.

Fabien and I were recently asked by potentially the richest man in the world:  “where are you on your mountain?” … in reference to our mantra “the man at the top of the mountain did not fall there….”

I replied without hesitation:

“we are still at base camp…but we can see clearly where it is we are going.”