what if….

Recently, several loyal readers without knowing each other, sent me messages complaining that they felt since I changed the format and made the blog look “prettier” the content of my blog entries has slipped…

Not to make excuses, but I have been travelling between Dubai; Paris and Monaco for the past month which has taken a part of my focus from the blog.

Thank you Voice of Reason; Dubai Devil; Dagny; Larry; William Blake; and Ed for your constructive criticism.

The Voice of Reason gave me a topic to discuss (after my “Ode to the greatness in man” posting)

…. using fear as a tool to make things happen…

Many people in the world (in the past me included), fear the implication of failure in and itself – and do not see failure as a learning experience.  Instead, they let the fear of failure control the way they live their lives; and decisions they make.

I know someone very well that has a lot of talent and ability, but he does not take any risks, thus he is still doing the same job….although I have heard him talk about making something happen, most probably he will still be doing the same job a few years from now.

Fear of the unknown …

When I was younger, I wasted loads of talent … whether in sports or academia, I did not live up to my potential.

For me, it is a fear of wasting talent; wasting opportunities that helps me focus –since we first launched naseba, even to this day, it is a strong “fear of failure” that keeps me focused.

There are many super talented people in the world that fail to live up to their talent.  How many of these people do not live up to their talent because the “what if…I fail…” prevents them from even trying?

Do not let the fear of the unknown get in the way of where you want to go.


Later today I will post a new blog that Liam will surely like because it is just a bit “aggressively controversial.”

We recently hired the production director from a company that head hunted a few of our sales staff over the past couple of years — funny enough, yesterday they even tried to head hunt our number one sales person in Dubai.  We are hiring 3-4 other producers from this same company, and most probably 2 of their european based sales managers.

We also recently hired the sales director from another major competitor based in Germany….he is bringing 3 people from his team with him.

Both of these major recruitments came via the blog.

Today I will post a new blog:  “competition only makes one stronger…”