but you have to make it happen…

Last week our Shanghai and Bangalore offices both had great weeks – our biggest, most cushy office… in Dubai had its worst week of the year.  Apparently, every single decision maker in the world is on vacation, thus our Dubai office did not do very well.

I should point out that a majority of sales staff in Dubai office are on vacation …. however, we still have two strong experienced sales managers and around 10 sales staff who are in the office.

How/why can Lnoppen/China have one of their biggest weeks ever — How/why can people in our Bangalore office find decision makers who are not on vacation, thus sell a lot of business … but our Dubai office could not?

Simply put: people in our China and India offices wanted success last week much more than the people in our Dubai office – thus they made their success happen.

Most people want to be successful – but wanting to be successful and becoming successful are two very different things.


2 thoughts on “but you have to make it happen…

  1. Yes its the same old same old at this time of year everybody is on holiday (bollocks), real decision makers will talk to you on their vacations if you have a strong belivable story, and any way not everybody is on vacation you just have to step up the number of calls. it isn’t rocket science.

  2. Short and very well said. This blog is great. I was watching the American gymnastics team yesterday and learned something about champions. Everyone is quick to marvel at their toned, ripped bodies and physical endurance, but what I find truly awesome is their mental control. To be able to focus, block out all distractions and negative thoughts, pressure, trivial details, the less-than-spectacular run through to achieve gold is amazing. To me, that is what separates winners from losers. All of the success I’ve achieved has been from modeling the thought patterns and discipline of successful people, most of whom, I’ve never met (and solid sales training, everyone should work for commission only for at least a year: when selling means eating, you’ll learn to sell). I’m 25, never graduated from college, was kicked out at 16 and never felt that smart but I wanted success more than 99% of my peers. Even after being recognized by INC online, contributing to Entrepreneur, launching and selling three businesses for a great profit and recently learning how to skateboard in a straight line…I have a ways to go and know that success is already mine. Thanks for telling the truth Scott.