managing setbacks

I had dinner with a friend and client in Paris this past friday night – over dinner we discussed Nic and the blog– my friend mentioned a Nike commercial where Michael Jordan was getting out of a limo entering the back entrance to the players locker room before a big game.

The focus of the commercial was Michael Jordan telling the viewer about all his setbacks – 1000’s of missed shots; hundreds of lost games; 1000’s of hours spent practicing, etc.

…some people might have quit – but MJ’s setbacks made him stronger and more focused.

Over the dinner, we discussed this idea of “setbacks”  …. all salesmen get told “no” many times more than they get told “yes” — some people learn and grow from these missed shots – others quit and move onto something else.

Alll jobs have their own challenges and difficulties.  (even if you dont work at naseba) reflect on those who are the best around you at whatever job/sport/hobby you are doing… look at how they manage “setbacks.”

Today’s theme is one that has been discussed several times throughout this blog – but especially now, more than ever since we launched this blog – times will be challenging – some readers will face setbacks more than ever.

However, if you fall down — instead of turning around and walking back down your mountain … get back up and keep climbing.