two roads diverged in a wood…

I like the idea of  Robert Frost’s poem about two roads diverging in a wood… and how chosing one road over the other, even if the road is much harder to navigate, can make the big difference in ones life.

It is some what scary, but exciting to think about what the world will be like next Christmas, but one thing I am certain of… loads of opportunities will pop into our lives.


Up until the end of my freshman year at Berkeley….

I was one of those under achievers who boasted about achieving better than average without studying and not working very hard –I did things “half assed….”

I was always talking about what I was gonna do tomorrow….

I was a dreamer.

Surely, had I been as focused, but more importantly, “reflective” as I am today … my early years would have been more successful and fulfilling….

However, making mistakes is all part of the climb and I reflect with humilty on my early years of “wasted talent.”

In the end, what motivates me is the climb…. the adventure…. chasing the summit …. chasing “the victory.”

it comes down to “making our life; our job; our hobby; our goals … happen.”

How many people are good at something…but reality is that they could be “great” if they focused and worked harder.

In my opinion, people spend too much time trying to “feel good…”
In my opinion, people spend too much time trying “to look cool…”

…. I am far from where I want to go and I surely need to become better…

However, by living a life focused on being as honorable; hard working; consistent and steadfast as one can be…

surely, we will have a better chance of achieving……instead of living our lives consumed and focused on the negatives and challenges life brings us.

the world is full of people that “could have been…should have been…but are not.”


One thought on “two roads diverged in a wood…

  1. Hey Mr.Ragsdale,

    Just wanted to say that this poem has been a guiding light to me ever since I first read it in grade school. It’s premise is so simple yet true, that it shall be relevant to anyone who reads it for centuries to come.