mourning the king of pop

It’s impressive to see how America reacted to Michael Jackson’s death. Millions of people crying, and mourning as if their best friend, or parent had died.

Several old friends from high school on my facebook seemed to be deeply distraught over all of this, and one girl commented she had to take the day off because she was so depressed. Ridiculous.

All due respect to Michael Jackson – he was clearly a mega star … I will not mention the horrible things he was accused of, and paid 20+ million dollars to settle a law suit over …

however, it is regretful so many people in America are wasting so much energy mourning a media mega star whom they never met.

Although I do not agree with the aggressive tone of his comment and I did not use his full quote, a New York congressman, Pete King raised an interesting question:

“People are fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan today; cops, firefighters, teachers, none get much credit – but this low-life Michael Jackson, his name, face and picture are all over the news….what does this say about this country?”