the last days of Rome….

I posted (something I rarely do) on my facebook wall, a comment of disappointment on this world we live in today:

the last days of Rome…
the first time “fuck” was used in an oscar speech and said by a woman.
i bet money that super phony actress did it on purpose to look cool (premeditated) to ensure everyone talked about her.
incredible is that she will probably make more money because of this…


To be honest, this actress was very clever at marketing herself because it ensured people like me, people who didn’t watch the Oscars, and have no idea who she is … got to hear about her.

Undoubtedly, she used the “F-word” on purpose

A female friend of mine from university posted a comment on my wall: “what does it matter that it was a woman…”

…. Back in the day of “sir and ma’mm” beautiful women didn’t use profanity; most men didn’t either.
Not to mention, I prefer my 7 year old daughter and or my wife doesn’t use profanity.

It made me reflect (with shame) on some of my blog posts where I have used profanity intentionally to highlight my point.

It’s not the cursing by a female Oscar winner that’s the issue … for me it has to do with how now a days, we laugh and enjoy stuff like this women cursing in front of millions of people…almost celebrating when we witness mediocrity.

Charlie Sheen has commanded headline news on almost all the US media sites over the past week … has a large picture and article highlighting his life living with two strippers, discussing his incredible drug use.

The 3rd headline news story is on Bristol Palin announcing she has a memoir coming out.  (Who???)

Other than being the daughter of a right wing zealot, and having a baby at the age of 17 while she was still in high school, Bristol has achieved nothing in this world.

Yet headline news promotes her book, a book which surely made her millions of dollars.

The world we live in today….

This week – strippers, porn stars, drug addicted movie stars, and a dumpy daughter of somebody, sort of famous…all command our attention and focus.

Think about this as you go through your day — look around you …

…all the stories of greatness in our world which are being ignored because stories on “greatness” do not sell as well as the stories on the failures in man.

Many people (esp. in america) are struggling, worried about tomorrow…

Imagine how much of a positive (powerful) influence the media could give us, if they focused our attention only on the stories of the greatness in man…

Seriously,  where is John Galt?