calling John Galt…

….although I am in the south of france …. like nearly all of America, for the past week or so I have been captivated by the sheer force of focus the American media has put on a 25 year old basketball player … as this player decided where he would play next season.

I have been captivated because I don’t understand how & why this commands so much attention and interest.

Like 99.9999% of the people in America, whether he plays in Cleveland or Miami has zero impact on my life, job, family, and overall existence.

Before I continue …consider this:

The guy is 25 years old and went straight from high school to the NBA where within 7 years has become one of the greatest players in NBA history.

He has lived his entire life in Ohio …

Now he has the opportunity to live in New York City, Chicago, Miami, or Cleveland.

Regardless of money, more sponsorship opportunities, incomparable market place and overall life style … lets be completely, honest…. Where would you choose to live?

The Cavs owner called LBJ “spoiled” and “narcissistic” …

Of course Lebron is spoiled and narcissitic… he is 25 years old worth 100s of millions of dollars; the media all over america entirely focuses on him – even the President of United States said 7 times throughout the week “I hope King James goes to Chicago…”

the truth is…

American culture,  the fans and Dan Gilbert are the ones who have created this “spoiled, narcissist …”

… but who am I/who are we to give any input on where a 25 year old NBA star wants to live and play basketball?


Why do so many people live vicariously through celebrities, sports stars, movie stars, etc?

…don’t waste your time and energy living someones elses life — make your own life happen.

Where is John Galt?