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when authority no longer has authority….

“Anytime you quit hearing “sir” and “ma’am”, the end is pretty much in sight.” …. from the book “No Country for Old Men”
By now most people know that the star of the French football team said to his coach during a world cup game “go fuck yourself you dirty piece of shit.”
As to be expected, (at least from the world I live in) this guy was kicked off the team and sent home.
The next day, the French football team decided to protest their teammate being kicked off the team, and refused to practice.
Two days later the French team was ousted from the world cup.
25 years ago… when I was a teenager this type of behavior was deplored, but in the world we live in today its celebrated.
Not really similar, but sort of on the same theme…
Recently ….
In america there is a professional coach who took his team to the playoff’s every year he was the coach of the team; the team went to the finals his 2nd year, he won coach of the year ….again this year, he nearly took his team to the finals, but lost in the conference finals.
Back in the day of “sir” and “ma’m” a coach like this was celebreated … but not in the world we live in today.
The coach got fired because the star player of the team, someone who is in his mid 20’s doesnt like him.
I am not judging anyone.
I am just wondering when did it all change: when did authority stop having authority?

One thought on “when authority no longer has authority….

  1. That story is so true. I happen to live in Cleveland and know the story first hand. Its crazy to think that the coach is the problem. He made a few miss matches during the play-offs but still. The worst part is that Lebron is surrounded by yes people and no one will tell him we didn’t make it because he only shot 40% in the play-offs and had more turn over’s than anyone else on the team. If Koby played that bad the Lakers wouldn’t have come close to winning. If authority still had the authority then the real problem “Lebron choking” would be being dealt with.