Tuesday, July 28th 2009

Woke at 3:00 am (slept straight until 3, but had to piss and as my alarm was set for 4:00, I layed in bed wide awake for 5 minutes and decided to get my coffee and toast)
before my ride I had 3 pieces of whole wheat toast with butter, a large coffee, cup of special K with soy milk and then right before I left the house a protein small shake. For the first 15 minutes, I felt like it was too much.

5:00 – 7:10 50Km bike (I averaged 25km/h which is slow considering for the time I want to do at my IM bike leg I will need to average 30km/h for 180km)
great ride, great weather, but very strong head wind.

7:30 breakfast: 3 eggs
8:30 protein shake (infinitnutrition product)
now its 9am and I feel great for the work day to begin
13:00 Lunch: carpaccio of beef (5 slices), bowl of spaghetti, cup of special K
I was very hungry and a bit tired

I thought I only need to lose another 5 kilo but I asked Mario for me to do the time I want to do, how much I needed to lose and he replied “at least 15 kilo…” I haven’t weighed myself, recently, but I figure I am around 97 kilo. I have not been 82 kilo since I was 16.

18:00 ran one hour
My run home from the office took about an hour. All I had in my car was jeans and a long sleeve black naseba tshirt and running shoes. I am sure I looked ridiculous, esp. since it was so hot…. 11 km run. I ran at a fairly fast pace and a lot of the run was up/down. I walked to the beach as soon as I arrived. The walk down hill took me 15-20 minute because my legs were very sore.

Swim: 40 minutes
I swam only 40 minutes. I had a good feel for the water, but was dead tired (I was scheduled to swim 90 minutes, but I only lasted 40 minutes because I was too tired)

The walk home was all up hill and gave me a good workout – 20-30 minutes.

Dinner: small bowl of special K with soy milk and two powerade drinks.

21:45 going to sleep – dead tired. I have a long way to go to IM shape.

Total training time today: 4:10
(including the 20-30 min walk home from the beach which is all one steep hill)