Wednesday, July 29th 2009

Woke at 4:15
slept straight through the night (first time for a couple weeks)

Bike: 50km
I had toast and a large coffee and then did my 50km ride. I averaged 26.5 km/h which seems very slow.
My legs are ok and i am sure the swimming at night is helping them recover well.

Breakfast: steak and 3 eggs and 2 powerade drinks
Lunch: bowl of speghetti and special k with soy milk

During lunch time – I dropped my new bike off at the bike shop in monaco to have it assembled and fitted- cervelo P3 which is more a tri bike than my trek.

I am tired today

Tonight I will lift (squats and chest) and then ride my bike home from the gym (13km) … hopefully, i will have time to swim 40 minutes to warm down my legs from gym.

Gym: 75 minutes moderate weight
5 x 15 squats; 5 x 20 shoulder press; 5 x 20 incline bench; 5 x 20 lat pull; 4 x 15 flat bench; 4 x 15 dumb bell lift (working back) good work out. although I lifted moderate weight, the last couple per set would always be to nearly failure because of the number of reps.

I rode my bike home from the gym and my arms were shaking and the ride was painful, but mainly in my arms and shoulders.

Sophie arrived tonight so i did not swim
Dinner: tripes and a small salad – probably wasnt the best diet food; but I didnt eat much.
Going to sleep now 22:30
total training time today: 4:15