almost famous…

On my run this morning….I remembered a blog I did last year; a theme I like a lot so I repost it today.

Todays blog is a theme I have written about before, but I think it is a theme which everyone (me included) from time to time needs to be reminded.

I am in Cairo for the next few days. On the 3 hour flight from Zurich to Cairo, I had the pleasure of sitting next to a talkative American who spent a couple of hours telling the woman next to him how he was once a great baseball player, almost major league, but he got into a drunk driving accident was kicked off his team and forced to retire.

I did not hear in his voice that he regreted drinking and driving …. what I heard was regret for not being able to play baseball anymore.

As this man was excitedly telling us about how great he once was…. and how great he “could have been” … it made me think about something my dad said to me a long time ago:

you’re only as good as your last sale…”

Todays conversation with my new friend got me thinking…

Too many people live on their past success …. forgetting what they did last year does not matter anymore, it is what we are doing today.

This is not directed just towards sales people …. but it is a very interesting thought to reflect upon.

It doesn’t matter if we were once great yesterday…. the last thing we will be judged by is our last “sale,” i.e. our last performance of today.