Monday, July 26th 2010

woke at 3:00 am
went to the beach to swim, but the sea was very rough and it was pitch black so decided to swim in the evening.
CROSS TRAINER:  60 minutes at level 15 out of 25
CORE:  15 minutes
SWIM:  1:15

Comments:  the sea was rough and the swim was great – I was scheduled to swim 90 minutes, but I ended up only swimming 75 minutes and finished earlier by mistake – I thought I had swum longer.
I got stung by a jelly fish on my shaved head – even now, 30 minutes after my swim, my head still burns from the sting.
I had great feel for the water and remarkably, my shoulders are not sore at all from the 6 hour swim.  I did not train yesterday.

Cross trainer was good and my heart rate is 15 bpm lower than last month.