Sunday, August 22 2010

woke at 5am (slept poorly – my upper back was sore and the pain woke me up)

SWIM:  3:45
comments:  I was scheduled to do a 4 hour swim, but I finished 15 minutes faster.
I swam from the Castel Beach in Nice  — the same course as I swam yesterday

my shoulders were sore, very sore the first hour, but seems to become less after an hour or so.
good feel for the water – but the water is not cold at all, thus I am missing the most important part – cold water training.

I am eating as much as I can – trying to gain as much weight as I can by sept 2nd … after my swim, I went to Barqblue and had a pizza, pasta, coke, and desert … now I feel like absolute shit!