Tuesday, August 24 2010

woke at 5:00 (slept terribly)

SWIM:  90 minutes

Comments:  To ensure I have some fat to protect me from the cold during the swim, I am trying to gain as much weight as I  can, as fast as I can.  I eat a lot and very often feel like absolute shit for parts of the day.
I do not sleep well — I look forward to getting this swim over with and going back to my vegan diet.

Easy swim and my taper has begun.  My shoulders are sore.  I think its worth noting that during the time  I was a vegan (8 months) I seemed to recover a lot quicker after serious training — i read many vegan athletes mention the same thing (quick recovery).
I changed my diet about a month ago – to try and gain weight for the swim and since I notice my shoulders are sore after long swims. 

For the past 3-4 weeks, since I stopped being a vegan, I sleep very poorly, extremely irritable and do not recover as quickly as before.  I decided to go back to my vegan diet starting today – to gain weight, I will just focus on eating lots of pasta and carbs.


One thought on “Tuesday, August 24 2010

  1. Hi Scott, to follow your example, I finished a 13-hour mountain climb in Hebei,China on July 31st, 2010. Finally on top of the tallest mountain in Hebei province,2882meter.

    It’s final 10 day count down for your swim across the English Channel. Very much antipate this challenge. Best luck to you!