last days of Rome…

I don’t watch TV at home – not at all.

But at the gym in Dubai, there are several flat screen TV’s playing in front of the running machines and cross trainers.
When I work out at the gym in Dubai, I have no choice but to stare at the 10+ tv screens in front of me.

Half of the tv channels are on VH1 and play music videos nonstop.

Nearly, every other music video has very sexual content, most could be “rated R.”

This morning I watched a video where several women were shown kissing and fondling each other in the middle of a gigantic orgy on the streets of New York.

The video after that one showed a man and woman aggressively, tearing each others shirts and pants off and then the two of them making out and fondling each other, like two dogs in heat going at it.

Once upon a time … even just 10 years ago, this was considered unacceptable content.

When did it all change?   Why did it all change?

Western entertainment, led by America has taken the concept of “sex sells” to an unbelievable level.

But, yes — I know …. it’s the principle of “supply and demand”


What is next?

How far can our society and our world today, led by America push the limits?

I am only talking about music videos.

But considering America is the assumed leader of the “free world” ….

1 in 7 Americans is living under the poverty level.

More than 50% of America is obese.

Where is the leaership?

In my eyes, there is no leadership.

Or I should say, in the world we live in today, our leaders in America ..
whether they are leaders in business, professional athletes, or political leaders … everyone seems to be more concerned with being “liked” than “leading.”

Which bring me to something I feel strongly about, tomorrow’s blog topic … “leadership today and the desire to be liked”