it’s much more important to be respected than it is to be liked…

I am in India for the next 4 days..

The direct flight from Dubai to Bangalore on Emirates is an easy 3:30 hour, but it leaves at 3:30am, so it makes the journey somewhat arduous.

As I couldn’t sleep, I laid in my seat and reflected…

Regretfully, yesterdays blog adds zero value to any discussion.
I have a strong opinion on the issues discussed, but I agree “ranting” doesn’t help to solve anything.


How does the story end?

If the world we live in today (led by America), “demands,” or should I say “accepts” to be supplied dishonorable, tasteless media smeared with smut, focused on feeling good, instead of doing good ….

What’s next?

In my opinion, the root to the above discussed issue has to do with a dramatic shift of leadership values… the transference from leaders commanding respect to wanting to be liked…

Look around you, at your boss, local politician, coach, favorite pro athlete, or other “leaders” in your world – are these leaders as focused and tough (and successful) as the same leaders 20 years ago?

Reflect back to the coach, manager, or teacher who had the biggest impact on your life ….did this person care about being liked?

A leader can’t worry about what people think, or if the team likes them or not … but instead on doing what is best for the team.

It so much more important to be respected than liked.

Just look at the Presidency in America… I am a Republican, however, I supported Obama because I was inspired by his theme of change … but in my opinion, he is too focused on being liked and accepted than he is on leading America.

Instead of wasting his time going on talk shows, and trying to look cool, President Obama should stand up and address the nation and “lead” America; tell us the truth:  “if america doesnt make massive changes today, the country is completely fucked tomorrow…so lets stop all the political bull shit and sort out this mess — because if we don’t do something now, even Jesus Christ himself wont be able to help.”

If you are a manager, coach, teacher, leader … think about decisions you must make, and instead of making those decisions based on what you think people will like, make them founded on what is best for the whole.

I apologise that this blog is opaque and American centric – however, using explicit personal examples would only make it cliché.
Tomorrow’s entry is entirely focused on the greatness in man.



One thought on “it’s much more important to be respected than it is to be liked…

  1. Provocal opinion and make me rethink about different roles in work, life. Go to GYM in 1 hour and stay focused on my agenda.Thank you Scott and have a nice trip!