buy now, pay now

Early this morning, like trudging waste deep in a filthy swamp, I adventured through various American news sites.

A famous department store (a store which has histrocially, targeted the lower, middle class american) seemed to be the main sponsor of one of the news sites because their video advertisement kept opening on my screen.

The video was an advertisement with a woman standing in front of a shopping kart full of stuff, including a Wii video game.

In the advertisement, the woman is flipping through her wallet, explaining to a friend that she can only afford to pay a small bit in cash, and then she will have to pay for the rest over several credit cards, “a little bit on this one, a little bit on that one…”

Her friend interrupts her …. to explain that there is no need to worry about paying for everything over several credit cards…..

she can simply buy everything on the store’s “layaway program” ….

Buy now, pay later.

What this woman should have said: having money in the bank is much more enjoyable than playing a wii video game.

Next time you are about to buy something on credit because you can’t afford it today….put whatever it is back on the shelf and leave the store without buying anything.

go to the gym instead.