I just want it to be easy, but its so difficult….

The Economist recently had a cover page dedicated to an article which claims research suggests that life begins at 46…

After some philosophical banter about when our “happiness” levels peak and fall …. I learned that when we turn 46,  we start to have a more positive mood swing up and we become happier, thus the article claims: “our life begins at 46.”

What a bunch of bull shit.

Why is this world so focused on the constant, never ending search for a cushy-fluffy-happy life?

We’re hammered daily by the media telling us that we’re not comfortable/happy/fulfilled.

however, if we had a bigger HD TV or an IPAD…..

Many many people spend so much time “trying” to be comfortable that they end up wasting their lives searching for those nonexistant easier ways to “try” to enjoy it.

Sophie and I went to Cuba for 9 days over the Christmas holidays.

Cuban’s don’t have two nickels to rub together, but most of them seem happier and content with their lives than many of us.

There is a palpable passion for life in Cuba –most probably, because there’s not the same pressure, or maybe I should say … there’s not the same pursuit of happiness as we, westerners enjoy…

I mean, it seems that so many people in our world are chasing after that bigger, better HD flat screen TV — and once they get it, they discover their neighbor has a bigger, better one….

Cuban’s can’t afford flat screen TVs … I am not sure they even know what they are.


My jet lag is distracting me from the point of today’s blog…

We don’t need bull shit university studies to tell us when we are happiest or fulfilled.

People should stop thinking about how unhappy they are…

Better yet:

People should stop sitting around with their friends and family focusing on the negative in life, moaning about how unhappy everyone is….

make your life happen.


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