“Pressure is a privilege”

I intentionally keep naseba separate from this blog, however, as we are recruiting for Beirut and Mumbai, as well as for our current offices in Dubai and KL , I will use this entry to focus on naseba and to explain a bit of what we are looking for in potential recruits.

Several people have left comments about working at naseba, but I am not involved with recruitment.
Please send your cv and emails to the address listed on the advertisement.

“naseba is not for everyone” is big and bold on our recruitment collateral.

If you are looking for an easy, cushy job with minimal return… naseba is not for you.

If you are a super bitch, who prefers to sit around and moan and complain about things, or someone who focuses on the negatives in life…naseba is not for you.

If you are sloppy, and have allowed yourself to become grossly out of shape…naseba is not for you.

If you are looking to be challenged to use your talent to the fullest; become the best, sharpest and successful person you can become – naseba is for you.

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“Pressure is a privilege.”  Billie Jean King

This is what Billie Jean King reportedly, replied when someone asked her how it felt to be playing in her first U.S. Open.

I like this quote.

I have hammered a similar theme over and over ….too many people waste their time searching for easier, cushier ways to go through life.

…we tend to forget that all great men and women who achieve extraordinary things … they didn’t t just “stumble” to the top of their proverbial summit; they didn’t just achieve without making it happen.

Think about the great people in your life.

What makes them great?
Are they constantly looking for cushier, easier ways to do things?  Probably not.

I think most people understand (but we often forget) that the greatest things in life are the hardest to achieve.

As Billie Jean King said, pressure is a privilege … if it was easy, everyone would go to the US Open.
If it was easy, everyone would be successful.


4 thoughts on ““Pressure is a privilege”

  1. What I can say, Sir, the things you mentioned in the Recruitment Criteria, especially money, it is a Fresh, BLOOD-DRIPPING piece of Flesh, thrown out to into the clear sea. Sharks will be coming at large, take their share & when they are satisfied, they will leave you, & Naseba, searching for yet another big piece.

    That’s y betrayals are happening frequently, sir. You are inviting the reasons for betrayal, by throwing it on the face of those who are seeking a way to rob, donning white-collar.

    If you plan to attract people in the name of the highest rate of commission, for the energy & time, they are spending on NASEBA, you get most highest rate of betrayal, in its rawest form.

    NASEBA’s namesake deserves more, not simply money-mongers.

    Y didn’t you instead, mentioned “GREATEST OPPORTUNITY TO EXPLOIT ONE’S OWN PERSONAL VIRTUES BY DOING WHAT YOU ARE BEST AT & GET REWARDED ON THE BASIS OF YOUR PERFORMANCE”. Then derive an exceptional way to reward those, who deserve it most. This should be the motive, Sir, of those who are coming to you, expansion of one’s own personality.

    If you advertise money in bold letters, you get boldly betrayed. Do you think you will also be trusting those who will be biting this bait, even if you are the one at other end of the pole?

    We all need money, Sir. I will never, ever say its cheap. But no one should, I am sorry to use this word, FLAUNT IT, Either the one who has it or the one who gets it.

    The type of loyalty & sincerity, you are looking for, are not on sale to purchase with money.



  2. “If you are looking to be challenged to use your talent to the fullest; become the best, sharpest and successful person you can become – naseba is for you”

    IT SHOULD BE THE ULTIMATE & ONLY WORDS, apt to describe your brain-child.