…but you have to make it happen.

In 2010, my 39th year I tried to fit in as much physical challenge as I could.

Within 12 months, I completed two ironman, ran 4 marathon and swam the English channel.
However, I failed to achieve my full list of 010 goals because I didn’t do ironman WA.
(my body took several months to recover from the english channel swim and I took a break from training)

I turned 40 on January 10th.

For the past two years, I have secretly planned on climbing Mt. Everest my 40th year.
Only two people knew about this goal.

I didn’t share it because I knew people would tell me its too dangerous, and be negative about it.
I didnt tell people I was “gonna” climb Everest because I didn’t want to talk about it, I just wanted to do it.

Many people want to do something and talk about what they want to do…
but few people put their words into action and do what they talk about.

Over the Christmas holiday, Sophie asked me not to do this challenge in 2011 because I can’t be away from the office for up to 2 months — so I decided not to climb Mt. Everest in 011.

But as it’s my 40th year, and I am not going to achieve what I said I would do this year, I need to do a challenge which is Mt. Everestlike…

From tomorrow, I will start training for a physical challenge which is unlike any other, and much more difficult than anything I have even thought about doing.

Although it’s not potentionally hazardous like climbing a mountain, my challenge is going to be much more physically difficult than even climbing the worlds highest mountain.

I have 9 months to train and one month to taper in order to be able to achieve (complete) my challenge.

I will announce the challenge in April.

To help me focus and become consistent again with my training,  I will re-start the training section of this blog tomorrow.


Surely, there is a reader of today’s blog who is not in as good of physical condition as they want to be…
Surely, there is a reader of today’s blog who is not living up to their potential.

Don’t just sit around and dream about what you are going to do…

Go out and make it happen.


6 thoughts on “…but you have to make it happen.

  1. jimboglloyd


    I’m in absolute agreement. To make sure i am fitter than last year I have bought forward the date of my first big cycling event by one month. I have registered for the Paris-Roubaix race on the 9th April check this link http://www.parisroubaixchallenge.com/index_us.html
    to find out more. This will be the hardest one day ride I have done. Training has started and I need to loose at least 6kg by then. As i always say Talk is cheap, Money buys houses. “Just Fucking Do It”

    Good luck with whatever the event is, that you are planning.


  2. patrikcarmac

    truly inspiring words.. looking forward to seeing what the challenge is about. nonetheless something which requires 9 months of training would certainly be more than interesting.

  3. That is true, never tell many people about your goals believe in yourself and just do it.