searching for John Galt…

This morning, I came across this quote again and felt like using it in a short blog.

There is not much really to say because the quote says it all:

“If the gentleman is not serious, he will not be respected, and his learning will not be on a firm foundation. He considers loyalty and faithfulness to be fundamental, has no friends who are not like him, and when he has made mistakes, he is not afraid of correcting them.” Confucius

has no friends who are not like him.”


….. how many people are brought down by one bad/negative friend?

I am sure every reader can reflect back to a time in their life when a bad influence brought them down.

Or a great influence lifted them up.

a negative, moaning, complaining super bitch…
breeds negativity and becomes like a cancer eating away at the positive.

this is the challenge…. ensuring that we surround ourselves with great people who help lift us up when we are down….
AND support and challenge us to become better.

If you have a negative friend who is bringing you down….
tell them to get out of your way.

because a gentleman has no friends who are not like him….


One thought on “searching for John Galt…

  1. Richard_Ma

    Negative Friends are always around myself. I will tell them to get out of my way!!