Rome is burning…

Last week Bristol Palin’s memoir was released in the US.



Bristol Palin is a 20 year old nobody American, the daughter of a wanna-be politician, whose only achievement in life is that she had a baby in high school.

Incredible to imagine that in America we live in a time when a non-achiever, someone who has done nothing exceptional in her life is being glorified, celebrated, supported – and promoted.

Bristol Palin disgusts me.

No one remembers Jordon Romero, the 13 year old boy who achieved the summit of  Mt. Everest … making him the youngest person to summit the highest mountain in the world. 

Regretfully, I am sure his book contract about his extraordinary achievements didn’t make even 1/8th of what Bristol Palin made off her’s.

So many people out there doing extraordinary things that we never get to hear about…

how different our world, esp. in america could be if we got away from supporting/promoting mediocrity and challenged ourselves to go after a life of achievement.

Where is John Galt?