remember when less was more?

Last week, Sophie was featured in the business section of the major English newspaper in the Middle East.

Being a proud husband, I posted her article on my facebook professing how proud I was, etc – boasting, bragging and showing off. 

When I told Sophie about me posting her article on my facebook, she frowned and asked me to take it down. 

She explained, “I don’t like the self-promotion” and the “kissing in public” … in reference to me boasting about Sophie and sharing our personal life and feelings on facebook.  

Furthermore…last week I posted 3 pictures of my motorcycle on facebook, but an hour or so after posting I erased them.  

I realized I was only just “showing off.”  

The pictures added no value to anyone.

A few months ago, I read an article about this new obsession with sharing our lives on social platforms. 
The article claims that 90% of people’s friends on facebook are with people they either do not know, or will never meet again.

Assuming this is sort of true … then what is the interest in sharing pictures of our dog or kids with people we don’t know or will never see again?  

Why has the world become so focused on self promotion?

What happened to the idea that “less is more” ?

I am not making negative innuendo about people who post pictures of their kids, dogs and achievements on facebook.The purpose of todays blog is to encourage reflection – how do the things you post on FB add value to the lives of your friends on FB?


One thought on “remember when less was more?

  1. I don’t really think of it as “showing off”. I see it as a way to keep everyone connected – to share your life with others. I agree that most people have “friends” that they do not even know, but I do not think I do. Casey and I actually had this discussion and he randomly went through my Facebook Friend List and I had to tell them exactly who the individual was and how I know them. I like “sharing” and I like that you “share” your sweet family stories too. I didn’t get to read the news article about Sophie, but I would like to… Maybe she will allow you to “re-share” it.?.?.