sunday, July 10th 2011

I have 4 1/2 months left of hardcore training before my personal challenge – 7 ironman in 7 days. 

I will be using this part of my blog as training journal so my friends can follow my schedule. 
Also, keeping this journal helps me focus and stay consistent. 
Mario gives me my schedule one week at a time, so I do not know the following weeks program, thus the calendar is updated every week.  My workouts will be getting increasingly more difficult.

For July, I have 6 days of 3 workouts a day and one day off.

5:30 ride with Mario

We were scheduled to ride 5 hours, but I ended up riding 30 minutes longer.  The ride started easy and I jokingly talked to Mario about the tough Nice Ironman bike course and how hellish that was … he told me it was just the beginning of our day — sure enough, after an hour or so we had some big climbs … one climb lasted 30 minutes.  Absolute hell.  At the top of that climb, driping with sweat and completely out of breath …. I thought we had been riding about 3 hours, but when I looked at my watch I saw we had only be riding 67 minutes.  Tough ride, but enjoyable.  I didnt stop on any of the long, steep climbs. 

Although my legs were stiff in the beginning, they quickly losened up.  Heavy training started July 1st … so my legs and body have been very sore, but now I am into it and the soreness/stiffness is pretty much gone.

40 minute run – immediately after the bike

Mario rode his bike along side me as I ran.  My best connecting run in a long time… my knee didnt hurt at all, and i quickly got into the run.

comments:  It was a great training day – training back in Europe so the weather is nearly perfect.  On the ride, Mario told me over the next 4 months I will lose/need to lose 10 kilo (about 25 lbs) … I weigh 200 lbs right now

For July and August – I have 3 workouts a day – I wake up early and swim, my workouts are usually 4,000 meters … work until about 2pm and then either ride 2+ hours or run 90+ minutes…and then work some more…. at 8pm I go to the gym for strength and core training.  I am completely into this schedule and I find myself having to become more efficient in everything I do.