Monday, October 17th 2011

Swim:  60 minutes
Bike:  (on my turbo at home)  2:30
Core:  half assed work out – about 15 minutes

I worked in the morning, then rushed to the pool mid day and then rushed to the bike shop to lower the position on my bike again … trying to get it perfect.

I had a “3 hour bike” on my training schedule – but ended up doing only 2:30 on the turbo at home.  It wasnt a great, focused ride, but I rode well and at a good pace.

Today, I have 7 hour bike and 2:30 run … I will start riding at 8am … again, somewhere in the desert. 
I am going home to Monaco end of this week and will do the Nice Ironman bike course and run the marathon course on Sunday … its a hellish ride, but I look fwd to doing it after all my big mountain training in Austria.  I will do it for time to see how I do. 

(the main reason I tell about this now is to ensure I dont find an excuse to not do it — now that I have said I am going to do it, I have to do it.  anyone who has done the Nice Ironman bike course knows what I am talking about … several steep, long climbs and the three times I rode it were all fucking hell.)