Tuesday, October 18th 2011

Bike:  7 hours  (197km)
transition:  about 20 minutes
Run:  2:40  a bit more than 24km

The fastest bike pace I have done… probably ever.

1st 60Km:  2:01
2nd 60km: 1:58
3rd 60km:  2:08

180km split was 6:07 … which I think is my best time for 180km the IM distance. (I know, I know…its not fast, but I am poor cyclist)
Michi Weiss, one of Mario’s Pro athletes went 4:25 bike split in Kona, the 4th fastest …. nearly, 2 hours faster than my best time – crazy.

The 3rd 60+km was tough because of the strong wing, and my neck became sore so I kept sitting up from the TT position.

After the 180km, I rode very easy for the remainer of the 6th hour because I had to ride for 7 hours and then run so I went easy to warm my legs down.
I pushed more than I ever had on the bike so my legs were very tired.

The above times do not count the time I stopped to get water (I stopped as fast as I could to change my water bottles and put on sun screen after each 62km lap)

After I finished my 7 hour bike, I took about 20 minutes to change into my 2XU running kit and called the office and drank more than 2 liters of water and a coke. 

The run was uneventful – a simple 1:15 out and 1:15 minute back … although the run back took longer.

At the 1:15 mark, I was at nearly the same spot when I did my 90 miute split during my 3 hour run early in the week – thus I ran 15 minutes faster at the midway point than I did on that day.  That 3 hour run was very slow, and I wonder if it has to do with my legs were not warmed up — because it wasnt after a bike.

I ran out of water at the 18th km mark and was dead thirsty the last 6km.  (I carried 2 water bottles on me as I ran)
No one stopped to give me water.

I guess Giovanni was sleeping…

My legs felt good, and my knees did not hurt — again, my knees not hurting is remarkable because they used to hurt after every run.
It has to be my new shoes, the Puma Faas500.

After this challenge, next year I want to focus on getting fast … and my goal is to break 10 hours in an ironman.
8 of Mario’s athletes he trains broke 10 hours this year … they are all business men (not pro)
My best time is 12:30, but I am certain I am much faster now.

Although I am doing a tough challenge, 7IM in 7 days…. I am not fast.
I don’t like being “not fast.”

Next year, I want to break 5 hours on the bike…and will completely “rebuild” my running style (currently,  I have no style)

My Mavic time trial wheels, shoes and helmet arrived today.

Mavic makes the lightest bike shoe, and is considered one of the best – Mario considers them the best. 
The wheels they sent me are their best ones…which will help me on the bike, I need all the help I can get.
Thank you Mavic!

Today, I have 4,400 meter swim,  90 minute core strength and 3:30 run …
My goal on the run is to run 34km in the 3.5 hours… I will do the swim this morning, go to work then run late afternoon and then do core strength after the run, as per my schedule.