Wednesday, October 19th 2011

Swim:  2,500 meters
Run:  3:30
core:  missed workout

As good as my training was yesterday, thats how bad it was today.
I didnt sleep well …or I should say, I slept very poorly which had a major impact on my bad workouts.

Swim uneventful.
The run…I took 3 waters bottles on me as I ran.  Mentally, I was excited about the 30+km run, but I had to do the run around lunch time because I had to be home by 6pm.

I worked in the morning, but was dead tired so didnt get much accomplised.  (I was tired from sleep deprevation – NOT training fatigue)

It was very hot and the sun was directly above me when I started the run.  It was akward sensation of running with 3 water bottles  around my waste, and it took a bit of time to get into the run.
Around the midway point the wind was unbearable.
The 1:45 minute run back, the wind was so strong that I couldnt run … I could hardly walk into the face of the wind.
This lasted forever….which turned my 3:30 run into something much longer.

I walked a big chunk of the run because of the wind.  Everytime I would try to run, I pussy’ed out and just walked.
My legs were tight and sore.

Its worth mentioning that I seem to always have better runs after my bike, I assume because my legs are warmed up.
Also, my legs, esp. calf’s were much more sore than I have remembered them to be during all of this training…

There is a section on my back which is purple, not red from sun burn.  Incredibly sun burnt!

I was too tired to do my core workout.

I went to bed at 8:00pm … and was fast asleep by 8:15pm (I woke up 30 minutes ago at 4:15am)

I expect today will be better training because I slept well.  I have a 7 hour bike and 2.5 hour run.

I was very very confident about naseba7 after my training in Austria – BUT, training in this heat under the sun is a whole new ball game altogether.

I do not feel as strong as before.  I get very tired easily, and the sun sapps my energy.

Another issue is the sweat.  Because of the heat, I sweat like crazy. 
After training, my cloths are soaking wet from sweat. 
On the bike, my bike gear becomes soaking wet, thus getting chaffin in the groin’ing is nearly certain.

Its going to be much more challenging than I expected.

To win – I must ensure I sleep.  Even if this means I have to take sleeping pills or something.

Sleep deprevation kills me everytime …