Sunday, October 23rd 2011

Bike:  8:06
(I stopped for less than 3 minutes to get water and chocolate at the 4 hour mark)

I did the Nice Ironman bike course for time — 6:16 (this is 1 hour and 20 minutes faster than I did the exact same bike course when I did ironman France).

I felt good and hammered the bike so when I finished the Nice IM bike course, I rode the next 1:45 easy – but did several steep climbs from Monaco up to La Turbie then down to Menton and back up to La Turbie.

My best workout, and bike ride of my life.

The day before, on saturday, I ran 3 hours and 30 minutes along the south of france coast from the Port of Beaulieu past Nice all the way to Cannes sur Mer and back to Nice.  A good run, but my knee’s hurt due to the cold weather.

I have been in Monaco from Friday until Tuesday.  I forgot the adapter to my charger, thus I havent been able to use my computer and keep update my training blog – but i have been (consistently) training.

I had a great bike yesterday, all the hard training in Austria paid off.  However, its much easier to train in the cold than it is in the heat … so i dont want to get too comfortable because the heat is a whole new ball game.