Friday, October 28th 2011

Friday, October 28th 2011

3rd test week
day 1

4,000 meter swim
transition: 10 minutes
Bike:  160km
transition:  5 minutes
Run:  20km

I swam in the Arabian sea for the first time.  The water was warm and very salty, and the swim was easy.
To be honest, I dont think I swam 4,000 meters because I went 54 minutes and I didnt give much effort, so tomorrow Mario will measure the distance again to ensure I am swimming long enough.

There was no shower at this beach, but we prepared by filling up old water bottles from the hotel … and Bob and Mario poured several water bottles on me after the swim.

Its very salty – so tomorrow I need to also bring soap to try and wash off the salt better before the bike.

The bike went well.  We did one big loop of a 160km (ironman bike distance is 180km)
Mario told me that we will not go more than 160km on the bike this week.

He changed his mind from doing 180km every day for the entire week because he said I will do this during naseba7 …

This week is about learning/practicing the transitions, managing the heat, the traffic, and when and how to get drinks during the ride and the run.

I am sponsored by LOOK and Mavic … so I have the ultimate bike.  Its so fast — Mario kept telling me to stop pushing so hard, and to slow down … but I wasn’t pushing at all, the bike is just fast.


The roads were ok … but some sections were terrible.  It will be a miracle if I dont get a flat tire this week.
The roads were rolling, but there is one extremely steep hill.  Fujairah, the area we are training this week, and the first day of naseba7 is the most challenging, but nothing like Nice IM bike course, and nothing like the many long climbs (on the bike) I had in Austria.

I was concerned about my new bike position, its much lower, but I felt great – rode well with no neck or back pain at all.

Mario made me try something new today – 2XU arm warmers.  He thinks it keeps the arms cool, and protects from the sun.  I didnt want to wear them, but did because he insisted.  After trying them today, I think they are useful for 2 reasons – I didnt have to cover my arms in sun screen, and my arms didnt get sun burnt so I didnt have the pain.  Also, they seem to keep my arms cool.

Although I didnt push at all, we rode at too fast of pace … (Mario wants me to start slower, and do a slower pace so to ensure my legs are NOT dead by day3)

The transition to the run was easy, again we are practicing for naseba7 and I changed into my 2XU shorts and shirt.
I mention the brand because I like the way they fit.  And its a special UVA black … so my race wear is black, but doesnt suck in the sun like normal black.

The run was an easy 20km .. I dont know how fast I went because my new timex GPS watch…didnt seem to work for me.
Bob drove and stopped every 2km to offer me water or drinks.

A good 1st day …and very useful to test out the system we will use during naseba7 — great idea Mario!

Tomorrow:  4,000 meter swim, 160km bike and 20km run