Saturday, October 29th 2011

naseba7 test #3
day 2

Swim:  4,000 meters
transition:  about 10 minutes
Bike:  160km
transition:  less than 5 minutes
Run:  half marathon

I slept well, but I went to sleep too late (11pm) so I was very tired when I woke up.

The swim was uneventful, and I swam very slow and easy with the focus on warming my body up for the day ahead.
The water is warm, like a bath and very salty so its easy to swim.

Today’s transition was better and I washed off with soap and water.

As we started the bike, Mario told me “today go nice and easy…don’t push it.”
Yesterday, Mario had a bad day on the bike … but around the 90km mark, after the very steep hill Mario hammered it, and I had to go fast just to keep up with him.

I guess today his legs felt good, so that “just go nice and easy…” was forgotten.
There was a much stronger head wind than yesterday, and it seemed to move with us always hitting us dead on…
However, Mario pushed so much that we fought threw the wind.

Today, we went 18 minutes faster than yesterday (18 minutes of cycling time, not counting the drink breaks)

I had to run just a bit longer than yesterday to do a half marathon distance.

After the bike, at the transition, I drank two bottles of 7UP… and some other drink.

My legs were noticably stiffer than yesterday, and my pace was a bit slower from the begining.
About 30 minutes into the run, I really regreted the 2 bottles of 7UP.
Not only the 2 bottles, but during the bike I had 3 cans of 7UP, and many different other drinks.  Stupid.

My stomach hurt the entire run. 
Once again, my timex GPS did not work, and the stop watch cleared in the middle of the run … so I have no idea how fast I ran. 

I was very hungry after the long day … and ate a big dinner.
I have been sleeping very well, and can only hope the big dinner isnt going to hurt my sleep.
The reason I am sleeping well is because Ernst gave me some special all natural Austrian “homiopathie” sleeping medicine … and it seems to work well.

(these notes are for me – but worth sharing in todays training journal)
This morning, my swim suit was salty, wet and cold .. Bob forgot to wash and dry it … not the best way to begin the morning.
We went too fast on the bike and my legs were more tired and stiffer than usual on the run – all I want to do is finish 7 ironman in 7 days … not go fast so my pacing needs to be better.
Our drinks were not organized well enough so each time we needed something, we wasted time looking around the car to find it – we need to organize 3 coolers seperating the drinks.
The car is too disorganized and we seemed to waste time because of it
I drank too many different types of drinks throughout the day which upset my stomach, and overall I felt like crap for a majority of the run because of this.

During the actual challenge, Mario will hand me my drinks and food as I ride or run, thus I will not stop (like we are doing this week)

This week is all about learning … and so far what I have learned the most is that this naseba7 is going to be f….ing hell, even harder than I was expecting.

Tomorrow:  4,000 meter swim, 160km bike, and 30km run