consequences of a lack of consistent focus

Its day 3 since my crash…

I still walk with severe pain in my growing (inner thigh pain), and I feel like crap… like I am sick or something.
I hope to swim this evening – Mario also wants me to try and ride on my turbo nice and easy for 30-60 minutes, but right now I really don’t feel like doing anything other than laying down on my couch.

Two days ago, over lunch with Mario and Sophie, for the 10th time I had to listen to Mario talk about how stupid my fall was, and how I fell ONLY because of a lack of focus.

I got annoyed because I didn’t like to hear for the 10th time how I had made a mistake…
I am the one who is bruised and sore … I fully understand my mistake.
I understand my crash didn’t “just happen,” my lack of focus “caused, or allowed it to happen.” 

This morning over coffee, Sophie brought up that lunch.. and pointed out (again) how I had become “over – confident” and too focused on the media and being filmed; too focused on things which have nothing to do with my ultimate goal: “finishing” my challenge. 

She pointed out how “Mario doesn’t care about being on the Discovery Channel.  He only cares about you finishing.” 

Imagine….if I f’cked up the past 6+ months of dedication and focus because for one training session, I wasn’t focused.

It’s interesting to think about how many times in life, a lack of consistent focus, even for just one day can cause us to crash or fall from our climb.


One thought on “consequences of a lack of consistent focus

  1. ladybird123

    I am very sad about what you share here! I hope you will recover very soon! Best Regards!