Saturday, November 5th 2011

Swim:  45 minutes
Bike:  60 minutes on my turbo

Thursday, I went to sleep with severe pain in my pelvic region (my nuts were sore)  I had a big, scary bump on the right side of my pelvic region, and it was very sore.
The next morning, (Friday) Dr. Yusef (my Dr. who is on vacation) told me via text message to go back to the hospital to get checked out and to get medicine because I must have an infection.

He was right, my leg is infected, thus my lymph nodes in my “pelvic region” are swollen.  I got two different medicine via IV and felt 100% better.

Friday night, Mario went back to Austria until November 14th …

For the first few days after my bike crash, I slept very poorly.  My right side has road rash from my knee to my shoulder, and at night the cuts gets very dry, like leather … and I dont sleep well.

My lack of sleep kills my day and makes me dark … and negative. 

But since my 2nd trip to the emergency room and my antibiotics, I also got pain medicine which helps me sleep … so two night in a row of great sleep.


I had a good swim.  My road rash burns as soon as I get in the water, but the burning sensation goes away after a minute or so.  I was an ex-swimmer, and I swam after many cuts, stitches, etc.  so I know the healing power swimming brings.

I focused my swim on rolling my hips and trying to work the pain out of my growing (pelvic) region.  For the first few days after my crash, I couldnt really walk, but as the time passes, I can walk, but with a limp … my inner thigh muscle must be strained or pulled or something.
I used the swim to try to stretch or workout the pain.

After my swim, I went home and basically rested all day.

My pelvic region (my nuts) are sore and the pain runs down my right leg.
I rode very easy on my turbo for 60 minutes …

The clock is ticking … I have 18 days until my 7 day challenge begins.  (people have asked if I will postpone the challenge by a few weeks, but I will not – I will keep to the dates of the race)

Day by day I am getting better, and my leg pain is decreasing. 
All of this just adds to the experience.

Today I will swim 60 minutes (open water) and ride on the turbo for 90 minutes.


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