naseba7: day 2

Swim:  56.05
transition: 10 minutes
Bike:  6:06
transition:  10 minutes
Run:  a long time, but not as long yesterday..

2nd IM:  12:36

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Today’s time was 40 minutes faster than yesterday’s and my personal best ironman time.
My swim was longer than yesterday because I focused on going easy .. and warming up.
While I was swimming, a school of fish kept swimming into my legs which was uncomfortable, and I kicked a lot to get them to go away, but they didn’t leave me alone for 5 minutes or so.  Odd sensation.

Transition was exactly 10 minutes … Mario allows me only 10 minutes because yesterday I wasted too much time talking to my friends and family.
In the transition after the swim, I always wash my entire body with soap and fresh water.  Mario has everything organized to perfection. 

Today’s bike went by fast, much faster than yesterday … however, yesterday was 10 minutes faster.
The bike course was 45 km out and 45 km back twice.  The first 45km was a long 200 meter climb in the wind, the return was down with the wind at my back.  So I sort of made up for the lost time going.
My legs felt strong and I didn’t push like I did yesterdayl

The roads were terrible today and I am amazed that I didn’t get a flat tire.

The marathon started very slow….a good portion was 7km/hour … but at the half marathon something clicked and I got into it. 
I took 2 peeroton gels which seemed to work like magic.

I negative split the marathon by nearly 20 minutes.
My right leg and groin does not hurt at all, but of course my legs are very sore .. especially, my left knee and lower calf.  But pain is to be expected.

Only 5 days left … and I am trying to focus on each day, and not think past one day at a time.

We stayed in the same hotel as last night, and will wake early and drive the 40 minutes or so to the next emirate to begin at 7am
Tomorrow, I am told the roads are going to be worse than today … so I can look fwd to another fun bike ride.

To check out the route maps, updates, videos and photos of this week, visit naseba’s facebook page.
I am too tired to upload anything other than these short blogs.

only 5 days left…