naseba7: day one

Swim:  51.10
transition:  10 minutes
Bike:  6:01
transition:  15 minutes
Run:  a long time…

first IM:  13:01

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Giovanni must  have beeen sleeping today … because I had a very very very strong head wind all day long.

Easy, but fast swim.  I wanted to break 50 minutes … but didnt push much.  (its of course much easier to swim alone than it is to swim in the mess at IM’s so I am not bragging about my swim time that for sure.

The wind was a killer and I rode in the TT position for a majority of the ride – I couldnt sit up.  60km into the ride, my TT bars changed position and tilted the elbows down and the thumb gears up (Albert!!!!!!!!)  At least my seat didnt fall off this time.

Anyways … the bike was uneventful except for the strong wind.  And it changed directions so even when I should have had it at my back, I didnt.  But my LOOK bike and Mavic wheels are so fast that a weak cyclist like me still can ride fairly fast.   My time was fast for me considering the wind.

Transition to the run took too long.  I wasted too much time chatting with everyone. 

The run felt good.  But again, I had a very strong head wind that kept blowing my hat off my head.  I also had three large climbs.  (i was annoyed that Mario chose such a difficult run course!)
But my leg and groin felt ok. 

Mario kept telling me to slow down because this is just day 1 …. but seceretly, I wanted to break 12 hours … 

… the wind hammerinng me, I discovered I was running only 5 to 6 km p/hour!!!  I told Mario that I could walk faster … but I didnt walk, and leaned fwd into the strong wind and ran the entire slow, miserable run.

I had a police escort the entire bike which made life easy … and Mario drove my car behind me and Bob passed my drinks and food.  I ate much more on this IM than I have ever eaten during a race – Mario made me eat and drink constantly.

After we finished the IM, the team and Mario and I drove an hour or so to the next Emirate:  Ras Al Khaima – RAK.

Everything took longer than we had scheduled and I didnt eat until 10:30pm and didnt go to sleep until 11:30pm.

Gulf News reporter, Rania was with us today and I am grateful to the Gulf News for their incredible support.  A big reason I have stuck with this challenge over this year is because of  The Gulf News – thank you Rania!

Day 2 is about to begin ….
Only 6 days left.