the secret to never getting sick…

As the flu season is upon us, and many of my friends and employees are sick with the flu, I feel compelled to share a secret with my loyal readers… 

When I lived in Japan, I had a friend who told me that she never got sick – ever.

She claimed it was because she “gargled” after she brushed her teeth in the morning and at night. 

Intrigued … I started to gargle each time I brushed my teeth.

Remarkably, I noticed that I stopped getting sick.
Even during the flu season, I stopped getting sick. 

No joke. 

Now I am religious about my gargling … and gargle for at least 30 seconds every morning and every night before I sleep. 

Giovanna, my 8 year old daughter has witnessed me gargling since she was a baby, and I guess to mimic poppa she also gargles each time she brushes her teeth in the morning and at night.  She has done this for the past several years since she started to brush her teeth. 

She never gets sick.  I honestly, cannot remember her once being sick with the flu.

No joke. 

Sophie and Marie, my oldest daughter … they think I am crazy, and they don’t gargle … and both of them catch the flu each year. 

I am a fanatic with my gargling. 

If I notice my throat is beginning to get sore, or I have a running nose, I will gargle several times a day.

Crazily, the running nose and or sore throat will go away before becoming the flu. 

Also, I wash my hands many many many many times throughout the day. 

Again, Sophie and Marie think I am nuts because I wash my hands so much… 

But I do not get sick. 

In 12 years of being together, Sophie has never seen me sick with the flu … she has seen me with other injuries, but never sick. 

Unfortunately, Sophie caught the flu in Vienna last week and is a bit sick … and yesterday, she traveled to Kuala Lumpur sick.

For the past few days, I bothered her so much about gargling that she finally agreed to start gargling after she brushes her teeth.

Remarkably, in just 2 days, she has recovered from her flu, and feels 100% better since she started to gargle.

No joke.

Wash your hands many many times throughout the day, and gargle for 30+ seconds after you brush teeth each morning and night.

This is my secret to never getting sick.





4 thoughts on “the secret to never getting sick…

  1. richardprice

    Thanks for the tip Scott! Since I have had my two boys (now nearly 2 and 4) I seem to get every bug going, so I am really keen to try this out. Will let you know if I survive the remainder of the winter.

    Kind Regards, Richard

  2. keep me posted on how it works. i am sure the gargling has something to do with cleaning the germs or bacteria in the throat and thats why it works.

    my wife refuses to gargle … she thinks i am crazy, but she gets sick and i dont.
    also, i cant explain why my 8 year old never gets sick even when all the kids at her school are sick. it must be the gargling!
    thanks for your note and have a good end of winter

  3. I didnt get sick for 5 years, and used to brag to all my friends, “you guys are weak”, “i dont get sick, what is that ?”. I put it down to washing my hands regularly and just believing that I didn’t get sick as am stronger than the rest.

    However when my two boys arrived, I got sick all the time, maybe 3-4 times a year ! which is a bit of a shock from never getting sick ! I put this down to a combo of lots of school germs/ and generally being run down from a busy life, sleepless nights etc. And then I just gave up believing I don’t get sick anymore.

    I shall try and return to my old ways … never getting sick. I will do this by just believing I never get sick, washing my hands frequently and might try the gargling too.

    all the best