don’t let the losers bring you down

For the past many days, the news sites I read in the American press have been clogged with stories about Whitney Houston. 

Although I find this woman’s death unfortunate, the truth is that her actions led to her downfall. 

But like many talented people, Whitney Houston failed to live up to her talent because of poor choices she made on the people she associated herself with. 

A classic example of someone who was brought down by a loser. 

Probably, more than ever before … losers are all around us.
And if you are not careful, a loser will get in the way of your climb, and potentially, cause you to fall. 

Look around you. 

Have you surrounded yourself with great people who are making you better?
Are the people in your life honourable?
Are the people in your life challenging you to live up to your potential; challenging you to be the best you can be? 

Whitney Houston is not a victim. 

Ultimately, she died because of the foolish, dishonorable actions she chose to make in her life.

However, her actions were surely, encouraged by the losers who got in the way on her journey. 

Losers are all around us….

Be strong .. stay focused.

Don’t let the losers bring you down.