the last days of Rome…

This past weekend, I took my two girls to see the movie “Secretariat,” the story of arguably, the greatest race horse in history.

Unlike most movies or TV shows today – “Secretariat” is not focused on violence or the failures of man —  its not focused on materialism.

The movie has NO sex scenes … no graphic scenes of characters kissing …. no scenes with women kissing or groping other women.

There are no characters covered in tattoo’s.

There is no character with an asshole haircut.

The film isn’t drenched in negativity…

It’s just a simple movie with themes on consistency, dedication, loyalty, work ethic … which all lead to honorable achievement.

The three of us liked the movie very much, especially my 15 year old daughter.

On the drive home, she said “the 70’s are a lot different to our world today.”

Before she could expand on her thought…. the song playing on the radio (an american rapper) top of the charts right now …
the lyrics are littered with the F’ word, references to bi-sexual women, violence and making money …

My 6 year old daughter shouted from the back seat, “poppa turn up the radio, I love this song.”


How much our world has changed over the past 10-20 years — how “free” we have become …

Where is John Galt?


One thought on “the last days of Rome…

  1. jimboglloyd

    After reading your blog on the FND “dont sit back waiting for your dreams to happen,” I thought I would send this.

    Last Saturday was my wife’s 40th birthday, we decided some months ago to create a special evening for our friends. Something they hadn’t done before.

    This is how it went.

    4.00 pm We all met at a station and took the train to Cambridge, it was great to travel as a big group of 30 people.

    5.00 pm Evensong in Kings college chapel (not the usual way to start a 40th birthday party). This was great everybody witnessed something that had been happening for 500yrs, and not one had been to before.

    6.00 pm A quick drink in the Eagle pub (one Cambridge’s most famous pubs)

    7.00 pm Reception drinks in the Saltmarsh rooms at Kings College. The view from these rooms is of the Chapel, this is unchanged in 500yrs

    7.45 pm Dinner for 30 people in the Saltmarsh rooms at Kings College this was a 4 course dinner with good wine and port to wash the cheese down. (Nobody had dined at Kings before)

    11.30 pm Taxis home

    Everybody said it was the best night they had had this year, the atmosphere was great and Anna had great time.