NASEBA Rolex Explorer Challenge

NASEBA Rolex Explorer Challenge

Adam made a great point today – he commented how “make it happen..” has become a cliché, something people say just to say, with no conviction whatsoever.

Kind of like “drive safely..” or “I’m praying for you…” things people say just to say, without really thinking about it.

The “make it happen” I refer to has nothing to do with material wealth.
For me – “making it happen” means experiencing life to its fullest.

A few examples which I have highlighted in this blog:

  • Since 1997, Jason Gorud and I have a dinner club.
    Although he lives in Singapore and I live in Dubai/France, we travel the world to meet up at least once every 3 months to have a “Friday Night Dinner.”  I am meeting him in New Delhi for an FND in a few weeks.
    We have experienced a Friday night dinner in many countries, at several of the world’s most famous restaurants.
  • Romain (naseba’s IT director) and I go on a trip once year focused on Adventure.
    Since we started this club, we have visited Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Libya and soon we will go to Pakistan.
    (these trips are not expensive)
  • Sophie and I take one week a year to experience somewhere new – last year we went to Cuba.

(I mention the above examples is to highlight inexpensive ways I enjoy experiencing my life)

Recently, I was interviewed by a reporter from the Gulf News who asked what is my ultimate goal in life.

As I answered, I thought back to a few years ago when I would have said “to make hundreds of millions of dollars.”
This is still a goal, however, my main focus and ultimate goal in life is to experience it to the fullest.  Ideally, at the same time having a positive influence on the people around me.

I try to encourage my family and friends, including everyone at NASEBA to set goals and dream — and do everything possible to achieve them.

To help motivate people at naseba to do something exceptional in their lives, we are doing a challenge which is not related to business, but will have a positive impact on the employees and the company.

NASEBA ROLEX Explorer Challenge

Over the following 6 months:
effective from May 15th until December 5th

The NASEBA employee who accomplishes the most exceptional achievement outside of work from the period between May 15th – Dec 5th will win a Rolex Explorer watch.

All naseba employees have the same opportunity to win this challenge –  on Dec. 10th until December 12th people will vote on naseba facebook who was the most exceptional.

The challenge is for any employee who works with naseba from at least May 15th
(thus people recruited over the next 30 days will count towards being eligible)


A few great examples of people at NASEBA making their life happen in 2010 (the ones I know of):

  • (pictured at the top of todays blog)  Durga, Neelesh, Suresh, and Burka took a week and rode motorcycles from Manali, India through Kashmir to Ladakh, “Riding the Himalayas” — across the highest road in the world.  (please visit naseba facebook to read more about their adventure – its incredible)
  • Andrei lost 60 KG in 6 months – although he lost his weight just prior to joining naseba, it’s a great achievement which has ultimately changed his life for the better.
  • Adam Fletcher summited the highest treking mountain in the Himalayas.
  • I swam the English Channel.

Even if you don’t work at naseba, think about how you and your friends can support each other to go after your dreams – and do something exceptional.

Don’t just go through your life existing.
Make your existence happen.