…but I have to make it happen.

…but I have to make it happen.

Today Gulfnews in UAE  featured an article on my 40 year – 2011 personal challenge:  naseba seven (November 29th – December 5th 2011)  www.gulfnews.com

7 ironman across the 7 Emirates of the UAE in 7 days.

Every day for 7 days:

  • 2.4 mile swim
  • 112 mile bike
  • Marathon

I wanted to climb Mt. Everest for my 40th birthday challenge … but Sophie asked me to wait.

Then I wanted to do Jason Lester’s Epic 5 challenge in Hawaii – 5 ironman across 5 islands of Hawaii, but I couldn’t fit the race into my schedule, not to mention I didn’t have time to get into proper shape to do it – www.Epic5.com begins next week.

The 40th anniversary of the UAE is on Dec. 2nd … and I turned 40 this past January.

A friend of mine jokingly said “why not do 7 ironman in 7 days on the 7 emirates?”

I was hooked.

I am businessman not a pro athlete, thus I have to juggle my training, work, stress and travel schedule to ensure all flow together.

Ideally, this challenge will inspire people to become more focused and positive about going after their own dreams to get into shape – if Scott Ragsdale can do it….

The Minister of Sport, Culture and Youth of the UAE has endorsed my personal challenge – we will be doing special programs over the next 7 months to try and inspire the youth to go out a seize their lives.

It’s fun to sit around and talk about this challenge and dream of the pain; dream of the finisher photo…I am dreaming about it right now.But…

Like everything in life — it comes down to this simple thought – something everyone who is reading this blog today can relate to:

…but I have to make it happen.

Soon I will begin posting video blogs of my training.

I have a long way to go to be in shape to do 7 ironman in 7 days, but I am focused and driven to achieve this challenge.
I am doing everything possible to ensure I am ready for naseba seven.

I have the best coach in the ironman industry – Mario Huys.

Mario is a 47 time ironman finisher (46 of them under 10 hours), he held the double ironman record of 19:54 – two ironman done consecutively, both breaking 10 hours.

He is the coach of several ironman champions and one of his athletes got 2nd in Kona on her first trip to Kona.

Mario put together the training program I used to swim the english channel – and it worked perfectly.

I am confident he will have me ready for the 7 days of challenge..


But I have to make it happen…


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