“f*ck it…just make it happen.”

Andy Collier, nic-named “Candy” has had a life changing, positive influence on me.

Candy has finished several ironman, run in hundred mile races, and finished a triple ironman, just to name a few…

Unquestionably, his actions and support encouraged me to stop sitting around talking about what I’m gonna do … and just go out and do it.

He played a key role in challenging me to do 7 ironman in 7 days across the 7 Emirates of the UAE
(my 2011 personal challenge which I will attempt at the end of November)

Candy works for a global private equity firm, and lives in the middle of London — yet he still finds the time to run/train 30-40 miles straight several times a week.

Imagine running 30-40 miles consecutively, “several times a week” in the middle of London.


Several months ago, a TV program in the UK heard about Andy’s training routine, and contacted him to do a special program on him, his traininig and his “fuck it -just make it happen” attitude

Apparently, during the first meeting with the TV producer, Andy and the film crew discussed camera’s and filming, etc
(Andy’s other hobby is photography and one of the camera men had the same camera he owns)

According to Andy, during his 30 mile run later that eveing, he started to think about making a short film himself …

The next day, he went onto Amazon and ordered a few books on “how to” make a short film/short movie.

Andy told me he bought (on Amazon) and read 26 books on how to make a short film….

He read 26 different books to learn as much as he could in order to be able to successfully, achieve his new goal of creating a short film.

For the past couple of months, Andy wrote, produced and is directing his first short film – a film he has entered in the Sundance film festival.

Personally, I have zero interest in making a movie, or a short film – however, I find Candy’s “fuck-it, just make it happen” attitude very motivating.

Seriously ….

Think about this guy who lives in the middle of London, works 8-10+ hours a day, runs 30-40+ miles “several times a week,” and yet still makes time to learn how to produce and direct a short film –then creates a film good enough to be entered in the Sundance film festival.

It’s that idea I keep discussing and challenging those around me to think about:  “some people sit around and talk about what they’re gonna do, while others make it happen.”

Next time you tell yourself you don’t have time to go out and (at least try) to achieve your dream or goal…

Think to yourself:  “but I have to make it happen…”

A teaser from Andy’s short film:
Visit him on facebook:  www.facebook.com/pages/web/158361594225964
To find out more about this film:   www.indiegogo.com/WEB-1